Today’s Tally of Costumes I Have Seen:

Ash from Pokemon (indistinguishable from day-to-day clothes)
Some guy with a sombrero
A guy in a sparkly jumpsuit
Two bumpkins
A girl in a princess dress
Wolverine (kind of awesome)
And I loaned my Kaylee costume to Elaine, so she’s wearing it somewhere. But I haven’t seen her in it, so it doesn’t count.

Today’s Tally of What People Have Thought My Sally Costume Is:

A Flintstone
Pippy Longstocking
I Have No Idea
Not Jack Skellington, but… [prompts me to fill in name]
Sally, finally!

Hee, I’m reminded of high school senior year when I dressed up as Angua, and a little 4-year-old girl took in my breastplate, my dog collar, my short sword, and my laced up sandals and decided I was a princess. Can I be what that four year old imagines a princess is for the remaining 364 days of the year? Because man, that must rock. :D

Anyway, people that don’t dress up for Halloween after age 12 suck. Yes, I’m talking to you, 99.99999999% of society.

And BWEE! Elaine just stopped by to show off her costume and be my sole trick-or-treater of the evening (I have candy! Come by, people that aren’t far away!), and we took pictures of each other. Here I am in my Sally costume, and here’s Elaine in my Kaylee outfit. La!

“So we get a plan,” I said. “Any suggestions?”
“Blow up the building,” Kinkaid said without looking up. “That works good for vampires. Then soak what’s left in gasoline. Set it on fire. Then blow it all up again.”
“For future reference, I was sort of hoping for a suggestion that didn’t sound like it came from that Bolshevik Muppet with all the dynamite.”
“Check,” Kinkaid said.

Blood Rites, Jim Butcher (6th novel of The Dresden Files)

Can I hire Kinkaid to take care of CollegeBoxes? I just got my claims check today. After all this agony, they stiffed me fifty-five bucks. Oh, CollegeBoxes, there will be hell to pay. Also me to pay. In case that wasn’t clear.

GLEE! Tim Minear’s Drive pilot has been picked up to go to series! As Aaron Sorkin’s latest baby gets hooked up to life support, another of my favourite TV people gets their infant slapped on the butt, and woah, check out the lungs on that kid! And I know that’s a terrible metaphor. Shut up, I’m a computer science student!


  • Saw Eden’s true colors the minute she was introduced. It’s nice to be proven right, though there was never any doubt in my mind she wasn’t a plant.
  • Can we clone a miniature Hiro so that I can keep one in my pocket, and occasionally tell him he can have a sword? Because OH MY GOSH that was adorable! He can just sit in my car and make lightsaber noises.
  • And Ando’s explanation of the Hero’s journey: “Heroes don’t start at the end! That’s how they can make movies about them!” I love them.
  • The mirror scene. Interesting, but I would have liked to see it a little better done. Something like Gollum’s conversation with himself in TTT, where it definitely gives the impression that two people are talking, but if you break down the movement, you can see that it’s the same “take,” and the movements blend in to each other. Or in a much more expensive SFX way, the two seperate “halves” would reflect the other. Like, as one of them is talking, her reflection is that of her other counterpart. It annoyed me that there were tears on regular Nikki’s face but not on Mirror!Nikki. And I suppose that’s how it works for her, but still. Feh.
  • Bwah! Can we call him “Mr. Kitty”? I hope she’s dead, though I seriously doubt she is. (Though it would make room for female muties that’s aren’t blonde bimboes. Come on, bring on a supergirl I can actually care about!)

Hey, cool! You can use the mousewheel to scroll through Firefox tabs! This will certainly tide me over until TabMixPlus is available for 2.0.

A handy site to keep in mind when you’re buying online: RetailMeNot. From the folks that brought us BugMeNot, it’s “a collaborative way for internet users to find and share coupon codes for online stores.” Shiny.

A contender for the Best Halloween Costume Ever this year: The Stephen Colbert Greenscreen Challenge!

And just in time for Halloween, a lovely Op-Ed piece by Neil Gaiman.

OH, NOT ON! Veronica Mars and House are back to being in the same timeslot, 9/8C. And I don’t think Gregory House (I’m sorry, I will never get over that dorm’s name) is hosting Veronica Mars viewing parties anymore. Booooooo, network programmers! House was fine at 8 EST!

Edit: W00t! Gregory House is (fittingly) holding House parties this year!

And Heroes, bwee! OMG, Nikki and Micah had a smoosh-faced Wonderfalls lion! Oh, Bryan Fuller, so much love!

Last night, I went all the way to York, Pennsylvania, for a Halloween party hosted by a couple I met at the shindig. Also in attendance were the hosts of the shindig itself! A splendid time was had by all!

I forgot to mention that in last Wednesday’s Fairy Tales class, we talked about Kathryn Davis’ The Girl Who Trod on a Loaf. One of the main characters has a tattoo of an eye, and champions “truth” rather than fact. Therefore, I spent much of the class picturing Stephen Colbert dressed as Count Olaf, and then Count Olaf disguised as Stephen Colbert, possibly because the Baudelaire orphans were going to be interviewed on the show.

To make the experience suitably miserable, perhaps they could be added to the On Notice board. Stephen doesn’t trust murderers, especially when one of them has been known to disguise herself as a hairy, half-beast freak creature. She might as well be half-bear. And all those books Klaus reads? We all know how Stephen doesn’t trust facts. And Stephen doesn’t like the color “violet,” because that’s what you get when you mix red, white, and blue, and these colors don’t run!

Someone needs to write that fanfic. Maybe they could call it “The Repulsive Report,” and when I have a life again I could do a photomanip of Count Stephen.

I really, really need sleep.

Speaking of the union of humorous political commentary and television, check out Battlestar Galacticons: A close look at the right’s scary affinity for sci-fi foreign policy punditry.

I told Alicey the other day that I’d plug her entry on the Phoenix Rising Art Gallery, but it slipped my mind. Go check it out! It’s open to all fantasy artwork, not just Harry Potter. I submitted two HP pieces and two from my Sandman series, and you should enter, too! You don’t have to be an attendee–it’s a couple days after my graduation (AAAAAUGH!!!!), so I won’t be able to go. But my pretty pictures will!

The deadline for sending in digital files for approval is November 4th, so get cracking!

Okay, the Fortnight From Hell just got a lot less hellish. My Math midterm was rescheduled from the 7th to the 14th, eliminating a significant amount of crunch from that time. This also means I can volunteer on Election Day, huzzah! I hereby remove it from my current list of Things to Stress Over, as will I remove the Hansel and Gretel readings, because they’re due nearly a week after anything else on the list. The Fortnight From Hell is now About a Week of Hell.

I think I did well (!!!) on my Physics quiz today, and based on the review session this morning, I’m not really worried about my Computer Science midterm on Monday. Boo to the yeah!

Wow. Clearly, my subconscious is trying to tell me something. I was getting dressed for a 9-freaking-AM review session for Monday’s computer science midterm, but without realizing it, instead of normal clothes, I just put on a different pair of pajamas. Silly Cellie, no sleep for at least another week!

I hope The Prestige is still nearby when this Hell Fortnight is over. I’ve heard good things from various friends online. And how could I resist a movie that is written and directed by the guys who wrote Memento and has Hugh Jackman, David Bowie, Andy Serkis, Scarlett Johanssen, and the words “HARRY DRESDEN — WIZARD” prominently Easter Egged on the act billing while Christian Bale’s character is performing?

Anyway, I finished the first draft of the creative half of my Fairy Tales paper. Sure, my idea started out pretty dark, but I never predicted it would turn into something that might be pitched as “Cinderella stars in Kill Bill.” I’m actually quite pleased with it, though I do think there is something deeply wrong with me. :D