Got back from New York Comic Con late last night! It was sooooooo fun, but I am sooooo exhausted. Setting up a meeting with my advisor at 10am the next morning was stupid beyond belief. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

I posted a lot of costume- and Dresden-related pictures here, plus a little bit about meeting Jim Butcher and Paul Blackthorne here. Full con report coming after I sleep for a week, waking up briefly to take the Midterm From Hell on Wednesday and write a paper for Friday.

Heeee! I am the world’s biggest dork. Over the summer, I interned at an animation studio called Reel FX and worked on a religious/educational kids’ show called Boz. The DVD of the first episode I worked on arrived in the mail today, and though I won’t get a chance to look through it until I get back from NY Comic Con, I just totally geeked out when I saw that the silly little toy hammer I modeled was on the cover of the DVD. It’s a random prop, but it’s MY random prop! Man, I’m going to be obnoxious when I’m actually in the industry, going to see movies I worked on with friends…

Huh. My period just started a week early, and I’m suddenly freezing cold in a room that to my roommate feels pleasant. Good job, body.

Edit: Feeling a bit more comfortable now that I have donned socks and a sweater, cranked up the thermostat, and raided roommate’s stash of chocolate pudding. I sense this is a violent physical reaction to my terror of a looming computer science assignment from last semester that must be completed for me to graduate in two months.

My body is FANTASTIC at this.

While washing dishes before treating self to pudding, was idly asked by contacts-removing roommate if I ever wished I went to art school rather than doing DMD. Managed to maintain a decent conversation while silently crying into the dishrag.

ARGH, why do I have to be right all the time? Just heard back from ebay. It was fake. *kicks stuff*

Oh well. At least it gave my adrenals a workout.

Oh my god oh my god oh my god!

I’m currently investigating as to whether it’s fake. I don’t want to do anything that might jinx this spontaneous wellspring of good luck in the eyes of the Gods of Spite, but I also don’t want to get taken for a sucker.

Edit: Curses. I can’t verify it either way yet, but I have a sneaking (okay, less sneaking and more clomping around in hobnailed boots) suspicion that someone is trying to fleece me. Also, the guy emailed me back saying my price is $120, which NO WAY am I going to pay. I contacted eBay security and they’re going to look into it.

I’ll keep you guys updated. At least my wig looks cute, if totally inaccurate. And hey, I’ve already found a way to use my super-connected ninja fan powers to get a normal copy of the book in just over two weeks–nearly a month before street date.

Oh, and related: the first two of three White Night sample chapters are up on Jim’s site.

You are a human hair wig. You are porous. BLEACH LIKE YOU’RE SUPPOSED TO.

The strongest bleach at the store has been on the wig for over four hours when it’s only supposed to take like 45 minutes to get a dramatic change, and AAAARG why didn’t I buy the blond wig even though I didn’t like the cut, because at least then I know I could have dyed it properly and I’d end up with the appropriately Molly-esque cotton candy pink and blue colors instead of the mud I’m probably going to end up with now?

At least the weird bleach stains on my forearms where the gloves ended seem to have gone away.

WOO! Despite the best attempts of the universe to foil me in my midterm studying, I think I just rocked that psych exam. The winner is ME!

Now I just have to start studying like a mad thing for my SciFi exam a week from today. The “sample questions” the professor gave us made my head explode. Good gravy, the DETAIL! I’m reminded of my junior year of high school, where we would read a massive chunk of Huck Finn, and Mr. Dumaine would ask us a long series of the most random questions imaginable, like “what color was this person’s hat that was only mentioned once in passing.” Except in this case, we’re dealing with 2500+ pages of source material, rather than just a couple hundred. Mmm, academia!

So the wireless internet in my dorm was down for SEVEN HOURS today. And I have a midterm tomorrow, and because we have no official textbook, all the study materials were online. So rather than getting started studying at about 3pm, my hands were tied until shortly after 10. I kind of want to scream and throw things. Fortunately, the midterm is open-notes, so hopefully I’m not doomed.

Rules of Engagement. Oh, wow. YES, Dresden TV, YES. It’s like all the naysayers in the fandom cried out, and were suddenly silenced. Silenced by AWESOME. Delightfully pervy Bob, actual magic, the frying of technology… et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. Book!Harry would have come up with something more clever than “Mr. Crispy,” but I appreciate the effort. :D