Double whee. At Ashley’s request, I’ve changed my ridiculously dull answering machine greeting to something a great deal more amusing. Tra la.

Okay, those profoundly disappointed, raise your hand. Ye gods. The difference between Dobby and Binks? Jar Jar actually looked somewhat realistic. Dobby looks like a ceramic figurine. And apologies to Entertainment Weekly, but that “jolly good yarn” is my personal favourite (though PoA comes amazingly close).

Get the rest of the sneak peak images (far more squee-inducing than this, I promise) from the EW website, joyously linked from Heidi’s LJ.

Anyway, despite the horrors of Dobby (I originally typed “Nobby” O_O;), I have good feelings about the CoS movie. Branaugh!Lockhart will be highly amusing and the increased levels of Percyness will be welcomed. Good stuff. Anyone else feel like starting a campaign to have Salazar Slytherin added to Mt. Rushmore? Viva el Aging Fanbase!

Growl. Your-Site has mucked about with the email servers, and now I can’t access my mail. Hissssss. Anyone have any idea how they’re going to contact us with our new passwords?

Dear God, what is this world coming to? I got a new tune for MAA in my head driving home today, and when writing lyrics, I came up with the most painful pun in existence. Still debating on how it can be applied, as new tune unlikely to be used due to surfeit of unused tunes already at my disposal. Meh. Still enjoying relative success with “My Kind of Town”, though.

I’m amused. Studying for history this morning, I found the doodle in my notes that eventually became the infamous “musical number” picture that inspired the whole shebang. August 28th. That’s when it all began. That’s when I first assembled the primordial, antediluvian chords to this very song I’m now writing. Good grief.

Check out the new look for tnm.n! It’s not as clean or organized as the old one (and the frames went way overboard — aren’t I supposed to hate frames with a passion? Oh yeah…), but it amuses me and it serves its purpose. Gah, why am I so awful? I have two exams tomorrow, and I’ve spend most of the day on the layout. Idiot. At least I got in an absurd amound of history studying last week… I think I did fairly well on my English final today, so it’s all good. ::sigh::

Comment or die. Preferably comment in my LJ, because there we can exchange witty banter and such.

Whee! Just taught myself the basics/intermediate stuffs of CSS. Go me. Expect the new tnm.n layout sometime this week.

The most amusing guestbook entry I’ve had in ages: “Dusk at the cubist castle will leave you overwhelmed with feelings of dispair and anguish.” Thank you, Victor S. Pace, for making my day.