Today was weird.

I mentioned in passing that one of my coworkers is doing a weekly photography workshop. I ended up submitting this image last week, which was not taken in my front yard.

Our assignment for next week is to take a picture that illustrates motion. I had to run an errand over at Houston and Broadway–an area of town stupidly close to me, but which I rarely ever get to–and afterward, I decided to prowl that area for potential shots.

The first place that caught my eye was a curios shop, which specializes in countless shiny odds and ends, subway signs, opera props, and bizarre statues and masks. I set up a number of shots of people reflected in mirrors among the odd bric-a-brac. One such shot featured the legs of a tall, slim man in black jeans and cowboy boots, who spontaneously walked into frame. Yay happy accidents! Then I looked up, and it was one of my coworkers! We stopped to chat and have a laugh about it, and he explained that he lives very nearby, and he stops in occasionally to see if there’s anything new and interesting to see. That’ll be a story to share with my fellow photographers!

My next stop was a basketball court, where a bunch of young guys had banded together an impromptu game. I must have watched them for 15 minutes, taking photo after photo, before the game ended. I smiled at the guys in greeting afterward, ready to explain my presence to any who asked, when suddenly I caught the eye of the son of one of my family’s oldest friends. We spent a few minutes catching up and generally boggling, then I was off once more.

I strolled around a little longer, then made my way back home, whereupon I got my first jury duty summons in the mail.

Yeah, today was weird.

Something really unsettling happened yesterday! I nearly walked into some dude on the street, and for a split-second, I thought he was my father. I got that blast of dad-recognition, followed by intense, joyous surprise, all of which was over in an instant. Then I saw he looked absolutely nothing like my dad, and the moment was gone. So weird.

I think I qualify for having the Weirdest Day Before 9:30 AM.

Sangita, my roommate, had to work late last night and didn’t get home until 2. Therefore, she planned to go in late to work this morning, so we wouldn’t be walking together as we usually do, as we work a block away from each other. My rockin’ new Docs arrived from Zappos last night, and I decided to wear them to work to break them in. However, I didn’t want to give myself blisters, I decided to take the bus rather than walking the .8 miles to the nearest subway stop. The bus seemed to be going more slowly than usual, so I decided to get off at Union Square rather than at the more direct 6th and 14th stop and take the N/R/Q/W rather than the F/V, which might shave a few minutes off my overall time.

And after this barrage totally uncharacteristic transportation decisions, who did I randomly end up standing next to on the subway? Maura Walsh, my best friend in middle school, who I hadn’t seen since she moved to Boston after 8th grade. It turns out we live and work only a few blocks away from each other, and we’re both in advertising! Weeeeeeeiiiiiird.