From SciFi Wire:

“McG has teamed with writer Ari Eisner for Invisible, a drama project, which landed at Fox with a script commitment, according to The Hollywood Reporter; the proposed series tells the story of a criminal who is given a second chance at life when a chemical compound makes him invisible.”

Um… why don’t you just un-cancel The Invisible Man? *wistful sigh*

What the heck is up with TV recently? The outright theft of previous TV concepts–RECENT concepts, at that–feels so much more blatant and rampant nowadays. They’re like old show OC fanfiction.

GUH. Just started adding the mohair to the Maeve wig, and it looks awesome! Ooh, I wish I’d gone with mohair entirely rather than starting with the Point Five. It looks so much more dreadlock-y and awesome, all felted to itself. Inspired by this look, I’m gently untwisting and separating the Point Five, then re-twisting it in chunks with a few strands of mohair to make it look a bit more dread-y. It looks way better already! Squeeeee, one week until PhauxCon!

I’ve watched an unusual amount of TV while working on the wig this week, so I can actually talk about pilots! Originally, I’d been planning to watch only a select few, let my flist determine the winners of the shows I didn’t watch, then play catch up with those that made the cut.

Journeyman didn’t really grab me, mostly because I kept comparing it unfavorably to the extraordinary Life on Mars. It certainly has promise, but unless my flist convinces me otherwise, I won’t be watching.

I haven’t gotten around to watching the aired version of Bionic Woman, but it’s waiting for me when I get home.

I watched the first five minutes of Moonlight and had to change the channel.

Returning shows:

Heroes returns with a bang, and if Hiro doesn’t end up beoming Kinsei, I’ll eat my Fangirl Card. I saw this coming from the first time we saw that painting of Kinsei in Linderman’s collection and I noticed that he had the same facial hair as Future Hiro. And Will thought I was mad, HAH! Not sure what to call Mohinder’s new friend. Has the fandom come up with a nickname yet? My top contenders are “Mister Midas” and “The Alchemist.”

House was absolutely hilarious. THIS is why I love this show!

Oh. My. God.

I just had the second most amazing burger in the universe. The first, of course, is from Jack’s Burger House in Dallas. But… *Homer Simpson donut-lust noise.*

Wow. Burger.

In less gastronomic news, today we had photos taken for the soon-to-be-launched Launch website, which will actually have (gasp) content! You’ll finally be able to see some of the stuff I’ve been working on these past months! Joe had a very professional lighting setup, and as a result, I felt like America’s Next Top Model. I hope I can snag some of the rather gorgeous pictures Joe took for my own fiendish purposes, because daaaaang, I pretty today!

Yeah, I’m feeling good.

More progress on Maeve!

I have no idea why these look so desaturated. You totally lose the cool, subtle blue-green glow of the wig hair! And the pinkish yarn is actually closer to a dark beige. They looked fine in photoshop! Ah well. I currently have about a third of the head wool-ized, though I’ll be going back and adding more of the blue-purple-black yarn in the lower layers to get the general color range a bit closer to the intended vibe. The other side is still the wig hair only, without the added woolly goodness.

Soooooo excited. Though I need to figure out what to do with the bangs so I don’t look like an anime character!

(And woo, Charlex t-shirt! My company’s parent company, for the win!)

WOOHOO! I just finished dreading the Maeve wig! A full head of 37″ hair, all without incurring a repetitive stress injury! WIN!

I think I qualify for having the Weirdest Day Before 9:30 AM.

Sangita, my roommate, had to work late last night and didn’t get home until 2. Therefore, she planned to go in late to work this morning, so we wouldn’t be walking together as we usually do, as we work a block away from each other. My rockin’ new Docs arrived from Zappos last night, and I decided to wear them to work to break them in. However, I didn’t want to give myself blisters, I decided to take the bus rather than walking the .8 miles to the nearest subway stop. The bus seemed to be going more slowly than usual, so I decided to get off at Union Square rather than at the more direct 6th and 14th stop and take the N/R/Q/W rather than the F/V, which might shave a few minutes off my overall time.

And after this barrage totally uncharacteristic transportation decisions, who did I randomly end up standing next to on the subway? Maura Walsh, my best friend in middle school, who I hadn’t seen since she moved to Boston after 8th grade. It turns out we live and work only a few blocks away from each other, and we’re both in advertising! Weeeeeeeiiiiiird.

Some Maeve pics!

The hair dye job! This is the only shot I could get the colors to look reasonably accurate. It’s much lighter than one might expect from her description in the book to compensate for the darker colors of wool I’ll be adding in. Anyway, it looks so cool in real life! When it’s in shadow, the sea green practically glows.

My nails afterwards, AFTER scrubbing at them for five minutes.

First progress shot of the dreads and some wool added in, taken Sunday evening.

What it looks like now, with all the “done” dreads pinned up out of the way and all the remaining hair still down. *wibbles and clutches poor, aching arm*

Another angle showing all the dreads I’ve done so far, which might explain the wrist-twingeing.