Turned in my paper! 12-15 page limit, and mine was a few inches onto the 15th. I look forward to rereading it after I’ve actually had a good night’s sleep, and I prepare myself for horror. I’m generally quite pleased with it, but seeing as how I had a minor revelation five minutes after turning it in, I’m crossing my fingers that the TAs don’t notice that small hole in one of my arguments.

In other awesome news, I finally got the color working on my printer! The yellow hasn’t worked all semester, no matter how I may curse at it. But last night, when I was printing a draft, I noticed that my black cartridge was low, so I printed “Color” black rather than “black” black. To my glee, halfway through the first page, the yellow started printing. I’m not sure I’d be this excited if I’d gotten more than three hours of sleep last night and more than four the night before, but oh well.

Now, I begin studying for my Physics midterm! It’s in 4 1/2 hours! Tra-LA! Can Hiro stop being fictional for a sec and stop time long enough for me to take a nap?

Y’know, now would be the perfect time for me to start drinking coffee. Shame I never will.

First person to make a Sylar fanvid to Jonathan Coulton’s “Re: Your Brains” gets a cookie. This will probably require more actual footage of Sylar and therefore take some time for new episodes to come out, but again, “first person.” I’m not saying it has to get done now. Additionally, whoever makes a Kara/Leoben fanvid to “Skullcrusher Mountain” gets pie. (Who came up with the Skullcrusher Mountain vid idea? Someone smart and on my flist. If you are she, let me know so that I may lay flowers at your feet.)

So! Veronica Mars, v. good! I’m very much in favor of this “not all mysteries get resolved in the last two episodes” thing. It feels more organic and right. Also Mac + Wallace + Piz + Weevil, all in one episode? Christmas comes early! And I never thought I’d say this, but GOOD FOR YOU, LOGAN! His actions tonight were 100% Priscilla-approved. Pinch me.

Anyway, I’m saving House and last night’s Studio 60 for after I finish my paper and Physics midterm on Thursday, so don’t spoil me. Back to my paper!

Is there a less clunky way of describing Firefly in terms of Serenity than “the TV series Serenity is a movie of”? Oh, je suck.

Dear Body,

Come on. I’m already ruing having to return to class. You think the solution is to make my wrists break out in hives? You suck.

No love,
The Rest of Me

Oh, and an addendum to the Heroes post: I know Sylar didn’t have time to eat Other!Cheerleader’s brain and absorb her powers or whatnot (is that the current theory? I don’t follow the actual fandom), but wouldn’t it be fun if Sylar took on her bitchy, popular-snot qualities? Or her miniskirt? I would laugh.

Anyway, I did that “Alphabetically Pair Up Who’s in your LJ Icons” meme during a brief break from my TOTALLY AWESOME (or at least it will be) Serenity and The Searchers paper for my film class. Only about half of the pairings were funny, and here they are:

Dalek/Darth Vader — “We will exterminate the Rebellion. Exterminate! Exterminate!”
Dumbledore/Elphaba — ‘Cause when you’re with the wizard, no one thinks you’re strange!
French Taunter/Gaius Baltar
Genie (Aladdin)/George W Bush — “Hey, what’s this about North Korea bombin’ Crawford? I wished no other countries had nucular weapons!” “And I granted it! But you never said anything about ‘nuclear’ ones…”
God (Monty Python)/Gollum — “YOU MUST SEEK THE HOLY GRAIL.” “What’s ‘grail’, precious?”
Gregory House/Harry Dresden — my god, the snark would result in a minor supernova!
Harry Potter/Hermione Granger — Included because my roommate ships them and she’s had the universe’s crappiest semester
Hiro Nakamura/Howard Dean — YATTAAAAAAUGH!
Karrin Murphy/Jayne Cobb — WOW, world’s least likely couple! Though she has shacked up with a mercenary recently…
Logan Echolls/Mac — er, that’s Mac as in “I’m a Mac, I’m a PC”, not the character on VM. Logan/VM!Mac would be ooky.
Malcolm Reynolds/Mewsevelt (Thinkin’ Lincoln) — I already can’t think about Mewsevelt without bursting into a fit of giggles, so bwaha.
Napoleon Dynamite/Princess Leia — in his pathetic, liger-filled dreams!
Puppet Angel/Puppet Pals Harry — “Angst. Angst. Angst…”? Inevitable.
Spike/Spongmonkey (Rathergood.com, We Like Tha Moon and Quiznos commercials) — NO. WORDS. This might even be more fabulous than Spike/Clipboard.
Stephen Colbert/Strong Bad — Can someone please write this fanfic?

I wrote most of this on Monday, but schoolwork and general exhaustion and Blogger being on crack extended the writing process.

Looks like The Dresden Files TV show is going to be on Sundays at 9EST as the lead-in to Battlestar Galactica. Now I’m not a TV executive and I don’t know about the secret inner workings of the network, but wouldn’t it have been more prudent to make the phenomenally popular space opera the lead-in to the new show desperately seeking an audience? Ah well. Maybe a few BSG fans will see the last few minutes of Dresden and be intrigued. *sigh* And I liked Sci-Fi Friday.

Anyway, Heroes. So when did it finally penetrate Peter’s skull that flying was not his superpower? I thought he was still confused about everything. He certainly was a couple episodes ago, and nothing really happened for him that should have changed that. Oh well.

The “Save the Cheerleader” payoff was the most predictable thing that’s happened all season, but it was still fun to watch it play out. I was hoping they’d put some kind of spin on it, that it wasn’t Claire that needed saving, or that Claire was going to take a dramatic turn for the dark side when she tried to kill the quarterback, and they were going to have to save the Cheerleader from herself, which would in turn stop a series of events that would have lead to The Great Kablooey. I was hoping that we would actually see the other cheerleader die on the steps, where Claire’s death was predicted, but I guess if all Isaac’s visions actually came true, it wouldn’t bode well for New York.

Oh well. I like that they paid the line off quickly, rather than making it last an entire season. I know they’re trying not to be Lost, making the fans wait seven years to pay off something that happened in the first episode.

Anyway, more nicknames to add to my stash, in addition to “Mr. Kitty”: Boy Rogue and The Wolverette. This show makes me so happy.

Oh! And I neglected to mention! Ko and I watched the two episodes of Studio 60 I had recorded but we hadn’t gotten around to seeing (Nevada Day 1 and 2), and BWEE. I don’t know what was going on in my brain, but for the first time, the show felt like Genuine Sorkin to me. I was loving it, and I was wondering what on earth I was thinking when I told myself weeks before I was only watching the show because my roommate watched it. YAY STUDIO 60!