Muaha, I am a t00b. Some VSP history: precious few days before the project was “due”, Mon still hadn’t drawn the line art for Ron, as she couldn’t find references for the pose she wanted. Finally, a nervous wreck, I asked my dad to take pictures of me in Ron’s intended pose. T’was quite interesting.

#1 and 2

#3 and 4

#5 and 6

Yar. Blackmail away!

I’m just trying to think of things to post so that perhaps Blogger would decide to publish some time this evening. Hmm….

1. Mimi and I listened to part of my FoC recording on the car ride to school. T’was quite amusing.

2. Last night, I dreamed that I asked Neil Gaiman to come to Winter Formal with me. In his response back (affirmative), he sent two giant, fantasy-esque snails, which were ridden by two talking frogs. My dogs tried to eat them. I bragged to the cast of RW&S, then realized I’d have to find a new date for Matt. Interesting dream.

3. I’m going to dinner now. If Blogger does not publish, I shall be most inconsolably vexed.

::goggles:: “Men at Arms–the musical!” is listed as a LiveJournal interest by 26 people. Plus Brenna, who lists it without the exclamation point. I’m going to go over here now and breathe into a paper bag to avoid hyperventilation.