I feel a little odd doing this, but here goes:

It’s nomination season for the Hugo awards! If you want to nominate stuff, the registration deadline is TOMORROW, January 31st, and the nomination period ends March 11th. (You can obtain a voting membership after this, but you won’t have the opportunity to nominate.) Full details at the Chicon website.

This year, I contributed an essay to:

Eligible in Category: Best Related Work

Last year, Whedonistas’ sister anthology, Chicks Dig Timelords won the “Best Related Work” Hugo, so Whedonistas has a lot to live up to!

Anyone can register to vote! A supporting membership to Chicon is $50, but all voters receive a packet with many of the nominated works in .epub format, to insure an informed voting populace. Last year’s was worth upwards of $150, and it’s a great deal for some truly excellent fiction. Plus, you get to exercise your sci-fi/fantasy reader’s civic duty, and you have the right to complain if your favorite author/artist didn’t win. :D