I’ve just realized that my last bunch of entries have all been either quiz results or links elsewhere. How about a taste of what’s actually going on in my life?

Yesterday, my parents went out of town to spend New Year’s with friends. My sister and I were left to fend for ourselves, taking into consideration the brewing snowstorm my father forsees. I also finished the scarves for Chungy (so that I could give it to her at tonight’s NYE party) and Nancy (so that she could take it to Colorado). I’m starting on one for Mrs. Felice, as I couldn’t think of anything to get her except “Maskerade”, which will hopefully warm her up to the prospect of doing something Discworld for the Jesuit spring play. I’m crossing my fingers. It’s not very likely, but still, there is hope. Mort, Wyrd Sisters, Maskerade, Carpe Jugulum… you never know. I’m feeling an unusual affinity for “Maskerade” at the moment, probably as a result of getting the score of “Phantom of the Opera” stuck in my head, despite listening to nothing but “Let it Be”, “Abbey Road”, and Renata’s Fesive Holiday Mix for the past week.

Today, I’m working on the new format for tnm.n. You remember that format I was gushing about a few weeks ago? It’s been sacked. I’ve found a new format that I truly love, and I hope that I will continue to love it into the new year. I want it to be up tomorrow, just for the sheer novelty of January 1st. If that doesn’t happen, 2-2-2002 is looking pretty attractive.

Anyway, I’m hungry. I’ve eaten all the leftovers and my sister has the car. And her cell phone is turned off. Meh. ::hisses:: I would throw sand in the eyes of a small child for a Jack’s burger right now.

In other news, I finally watched the last installment of “Edward the Less” this morning. Pure genius. ::prays for funding:: I can’t wait to see what they do with “Two Towers”, if indeed they go ahead with it. While somewhat eerie to see them emerging from other forms, it’s great to hear the voices of Mike and Crow and Pearl, among others. ::sighs happily:: I wonder if I can convince Marcelina to bring her MST3K tapes to the party tonight…

On the book front, I finished “The Amazing Maurice…” the other night. Hurrah!

Sluggy is highly entertaining today.

Erm… I think that’s it. ::nods:: Back to work!

That was Anthony in “A Beautiful Mind”? I thought so! Ooh, I’m so cool. ::grooves:: In response to your question, Renata, he had a bit part, but he did very well in it. Hurrah!