Okay, so I’ve failed to live up to the requirements of NaBloPoMo after only three days. But I think tonight merits an exception. I am drunk on a hybrid of JOY and HOPE and apple martini. I only had one of the latter, but even after, four glasses of water and over an hour of digestion, I can barely type straight. Or walk straight. Thank goodness the bar I chose was only three short blocks away! (Had intellectual policy discussion with random guy named Sebasitian. Don’t know where I got the impression people that go to bars aren’t the type of person I’d be interested in. I wasn’t interested in this guy, buty his polictical savvy was nice. Yeah, that description made no sense. Se above, re: drunk on a single appletime. Am a total lightweiht, but OBAMA WOO!)

My god, people. We elected a BLACK MAN named BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA. We finally proved that anyone can be President, even a kid born to a single-parent household, raised by his grandparents. We showed that a campaign of hope can triumph over a campsign tailored to fearmongering and divisiveness.

MICHELLE OBAMA is going to be out First Lady! She is opinionated and fiercely determined, and she will do great things of the office. Sasha and Malia are adorable and genuine, and I look toward to seeing what dog they choose. Biden is honest and has strong roots in the communities he grew up, the complete anyithesis of Chenes. And the SUPEREME COURT! My god, we don’t have to worry about more Rebupican appointees stacking the court.

And I see how many spelling mistakes I’m making, but I’m too joyous and drunk off only ONE apple martini to care. Good grief, that was strong. I feel like I’ve had two or more. Hope I don’t have an hangover tomorrow–boss is a Republican, and he frowns on political discussions in the office. (So naturally, we discuss plitics when he’s not present.)

I feel like sitting here is making me ever nore drunk, even though my lisp have not toughted alcohol since McCain finished his speech, through that’s probably me getting tired. I was up at 5:45 this morning, after all. And I know I’m making spelling mistakes, but I’m too amused to correct them. I’m going to go to sleep and dream of four–nay eight–years of an Obama administration. I’m so happy with the direction the country has chosen.