Dear Soon-To-Be-Not-President Bush,

Birth control medication isn’t only used for birth control, you utter and complete jackass. For many women, it is used to regulate hormones and prevent us from suffering cripplingly painful cramps. I went on birth control years before I even kissed a boy, and now you want pharmacists to be able to exercise some kind of blind, wildly innacurate moral judgment against me, to automatically brand me as some kind of nymphomaniacal painted jezebel and refuse me the medication it is THEIR JOB TO DISPENSE? Hell no!

Guess what: birth control isn’t always contraception, and CONTRACEPTION IS NOT ABORTION. In fact, you right-wing asshats should love contraception, as it decreases the number of abortions performed. Contraception is specifically designed to prevent unintended pregnancy.

This is not an abortion debate. This is not a morality debate. This is common freaking sense.

How long until you’re out of office?


Read more about the issue here, then sign the Planned Parenthood petition and call your Congressman. Get angry, people. This feckless behavior needs to be smacked down yesterday.

…Bush just compared himself to Lincoln. Several times. The first of which saying that Lincoln’s approval rating probably wasn’t very good either.

He’s like a parody of himself.