Man! Why did the temperature have to drop so suddenly? I was planning on wearing my River dress to class! I guess I’ll wear Kaylee, even though that’s what I was planning on wearing tonight to the screening. I have a movieverse-eque long-sleeved shirt that would be warm enough, then I could unroll the pants. The Zoe outfit is just slightly too costumey to wear in real life.

Or of course, I could wear the River dress with a light jacket. It’s long enough, and I’ve got my rockin’ movie boots to keep my feet comfy. Or my super-long all-fandom all-awesome coat! Wow, I look like “if River starred in The Matrix, but didn’t want to kill any cows for her outfit.”

*pauses, looks over entry*

Wow. I’m blazing new trails in lameness. Still, EEEEEE! Movie!


In 24 hours, the theatre’s mockable slide presentation will give way to a series of trailers and Fanta ads, which will then give way to GENIUS. And the world will know what I and a few hundred other flans have been sitting on for FOUR MONTHS. INTO THE BLUE SERENITY. EEEEE.

Well, two seconds of James Marsters is better than nothing. :D

Amy (my advisor) sent out an email to the DMDers, asking if we’d like to give prospies a tour or even put one up for the night. I told her I’d love to, and I am now playing host to a girl that could just as well be three-years-ago me. She’s giddy beyond the telling of it at the idea of DMD, and she’s quite the Potter fan. DMDers are always the coolest. I hope she gets in! She’ll be here October 13th and 14th.

I’m in the process of publishing a bunch of old entries that I had saved as “drafts” for whatever reason. So if you see a bunch of posts from several months ago, there’s an explanation.

Homorphus Charm:
homo”: (Greek) the same + “morph”: change shape [force a werewolf NOT to change] OR “homo”: L. man + “morph”: change shape [force werewolf into human shape]

Or, you know, if could be a charm to turn a werewolf gay.

Ah, the things I don’t dare post on WIAN. :D