*dies* AICN reviewers attended a test screening of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. And apparently, “the movie starts with a musical number recounting the dolphins’ escape from the planet Earth.”

I think I just died and went to a happy place. And the fact that they used the “Journey of the Sorcerer” theme just makes it doubly fabulous. Oh the geekitude!

The second reviewer is much less effusive, but oh well. No matter what, it’s got to be better than the BBC version.

“Our room is so weird. None of us go by our real names, our motto is to make boys cry, and if we had an anthem, it would be ‘The Alpacalypse’.” –Ko

Ooh, the Mirrormask Trailer is out! The trailer itself isn’t particularly well done, in my opinion, but the actual movie footage looks unbelievably gorgeous. Guh, I can’t wait until it comes out!

*glances over the site*

Hey! Robert Llewellyn! He played Kryten on “Red Dwarf”! Snazzified.

Other Mirrormask related articles and ramblings here in Neil’s blog.

Unrelated, but here’s a bit more casting info on the PotC sequel.

Happy Belated Birthday to ALAN CUMMING! 40 years old on Thursday. Welcome to my Society of Men Over 40 That Are Still Quite Attractive, Usually Because of Their Lovely Accents! Also, Elijah Wood’s birthday was Friday? I’m shocked that I didn’t see more of a fan reaction on lotrboys_daily.

From CHUD, a preview of the HHGTG action figures, plushies, etc: VOGONS! GUNS! AND A ONE-HEADED ZAPHOD?

Really not liking the concept they described for Zaphod’s other head (I’m reminded of the Mayor of Halloweentown), but I’ll say nothing until I see it in action. I’m too determined to love this movie.

Ganked from Becky, like most of my HHGTG news. :D

OMG SAYID!!!!!!! I just watched “Bride and Prejudice,” my dorm’s Penn PM Event, which was highly entertaining. Throughout the whole movie, I kept peering at the actor playing Bingley and trying to decide “Is that Naveen Andrews?” I actually came to the conclusion that alas, it probably wasn’t, despite looking so much like him (the sound and picture quality were horrible), but then when I returned to the room and Ko and Deep googlesearched for pictures of Martin Henderson (Darcy), they pulled up the official site, and lo and beyond, in the Cast List, there was his name!

Now I have to show Deep, Lisa, and Ko clips from Lost and assert Sayid’s awesomeness, as he was made deliberately less hot, as not to distract from Darcy. I will show them how attractive he can be when utterly brilliant with electronics, in a tank top, with an Iraqi accent. Yeah, Sayid. *happysigh*