I need to get back to actual blogging. Twitter has made me complacent! Unfortunately, this is not an actual blog entry, but instead a 1AM conversation over IM. I went to sleep soon afterward, no doubt to face wacky, delightful dreams.

Gypsy: *leeeeeeeeeans*
Priscellie: *snugs*
Gypsy: Middleman/Pushing Daisies fic – does it exist? And if not, WHY NOT?
Priscellie: Okay, I just conceived of Emerson/Ida grumpyawesomeness. By rule 34, it must exist. Therefore, Middleman/Pushing Daisies fic must exist!
Gypsy: … OMG YES.
Priscellie: OMG OMG OMG
Priscellie: Emerson can knit her a Baby Heydar cozy.
Gypsy: X3
Gypsy: Chuck and Lacey would bond… Olive and Wendy could swap stories about their bosses…
Priscellie: The Middleman could take Aunts Lily and Vivian to see old-timey movies. Somehow, they would end up in a 3D feature, and Lily would have a red-glass monocle and a blue-colored eyepatch.
Gypsy: Brilliant!
Gypsy: DUDE, they both take place in unspecified vaguely fantastical locations.
Gypsy: (Unless they don’t. Did they ever say where The Middleman took place?)
Priscellie: other than an illegal sublet, shared by two photogenic young artists? Not that I recall.
Gypsy: hee
Priscellie: and Ned’s power… totally crossoverable.
Gypsy: Soooooo totally.
Priscellie: We are lunatics. But only the best kind.
Gypsy: You know you love me.
Priscellie: *hugs your brain*
Priscellie: I love mah Becky!

Wow, my dream last night was crossover CRACK.

The Dresden TV show was brought back as an animated show, made by Launch (the studio where I work). It was an evil delight to keep the secret from the little fanlets. At the great announcement, I got to hang out with Jim and Shannon and the guys from Flight of the Conchords. Then Jim started writing Torchwood/Firefly crossover scripts for a comic, in which Jack was delighted by Wash and Zoe’s healthy sex life.

I blame last night’s white bean curry.

Me: oh my god, I’m a terrible person.
Me: This person used a slightly-crazed-Linguini-from-Ratatouille icon in a Sweeney Todd context, and my brain just went to a terrible place.
Becky: … Oh dear.
Me: “Swing your butcher’s knife wide, ‘Fredo, raise it to the skies…”
Becky: sooo wrong
Me: And now whatserface, the girl, is baking suspicious pies…
Becky: Collette? XD
Me: yes!
Becky: “The Worst Pies In Paris”?
Becky: … God, we are so AWFUL
Me: yupyup!
Me: I really want to draw this now
Me: Remy with dark eyemakeup, smiling cutely and holding a razor
Becky: … I dare you to do it. XD
Me: heeeeeee
Me: Okay! Anton Ego, rather than being A Force For Awesome at the end, reveals Linguini’s scam and decries them, and Linguini goes to jail for violation of health codes and whatnot. Because he and Remy are still friends, Remy tries to go with him, in hopes that he can sneak Linguini food or grab the guard’s keys or whatnot. But Ego snatches Remy away to be his personal cooking slave, because dude, that was some delicious ratatouille.
Me: Linguini languishes in prison for several years (can’t be too long, because rats don’t live that long), then escapes somehow and makes his way back to Paris, eager to rekindle his love for Collette and rescue Remy.
Me: But Gusteau’s is long since replaced, perhaps by one of Skinner’s fast food joints. He finds Collette, who has been effectively blacklisted by all great restaurants for her part in the rat scam, and bakes pies for a living. She can’t afford proper materials and has lost her love of cooking, but cooking is the only thing she’s studied, so she can’t really do anything else. Her pies suck.
Me: Meanwhile, Remy had initially resisted Ego and refused to cook for him, but prolonged exposure to unsanitary and uncomfortable living conditions (with brief, tempting snatches of views inside Ego’s sumptuous kitchen) broke his will, and he finally conceded to cook for him. He is, after all, a chef at heart. He futilely dreams that perhaps his delicious cooking will soften Ego’s cruelty and Ego will speak up on Linguini’s behalf and get his prison term shortened. Ego never does.
Me: His life destroyed, Linguini seeks revenge…
Becky: Your brain scares me. ;)
Me: Man, Pixar will never hire me now. :D

Renata, Keith, and I chatted briefly this evening about the Sappy Lincoln Narratives roadtrip! I’ve cut some of the non-relevant lines of dialogue. Sme people should not be let into academia.

Renata: anyway, priscilla, i think keith and i keep talking about the trip at times when you’re not around?
Priscilla: I KNEW IT
Priscilla: You’re cheating on me!
Renata: and i can’t remember what i’ve like blogged about and stuff
Renata: so
Renata: are you aware that the trip is now an extended animorphs larp?
Renata: and also that it’s a disability studies concerns animorphs book club?
Priscilla: Keith told me. This is a beautiful, beautiful thing.
Renata: also we can morph plants
Renata: also there’s no backdoor to heaven
Renata: i think that’s about it
Keith: lol
Priscilla: But I don’t know what I can bring to the table! I’m only good at analyzing fairy tales and saying that things are vaginal symbols and stuff, but I don’t think there’s much of that in Animorphs. Still, I can try!
Renata: as a fake gender/women’s studies major, there are vaginas EVERYWHERE
Priscilla: Ok. Like when Jake fell into the Yeerk pool and became a controller? That’s totally a rape scene.
Renata: definitely
Priscilla: And Jake goes into a period of latency, like in Bettleheim’s Freudian interpretation of “Sleeping Beauty.”
Priscilla: The physical/sexual trauma causes him to withdraw and become passive until circumstances arise that he can safely emerge once again.
Keith: oh, you’re good.
Keith: this trip will be so awesome in a “fucking up the memories of our teenage reading” sort of way
Keith: I’ll probably talk about the moral implications of the animorphs killing yeerk hosts. What would Kant say to that!? Porbably something really technical and annoying
Renata: i’d like to discuss what it means that in order for the narrative to function
Renata: rachel must take on masculine tropes
Renata: and eventually be sacrificed
Priscilla: Yet Cassie, the female most associated with the feminine, and with beauty and healing survives? Doesn’t she remain on Earth?
Renata: i’m not sure
Renata: although! it is complex, because cassie is not exactly associated with beauty
Renata: that is rachel
Priscilla: her morphing style is
Renata: it is a madonna/whore complex