::goggles:: I just ran into my friend Rachel (no, not that Rachel. Or those two. A Rachel I knew from summer camp four years ago), who told me that her best friend is friends with Seth Greene (he used to babysit her), and one day when she was sick, Seth brought her chicken soup and Orlando Bloom. Dude, I wouldn’t mind being sick if that was my Get Well package!

I stand corrected. I do not have Rachel’s cold. I have Rachel’s cold’s nasty mafiosa hitman older brother, who has kicked me in the head and left me to die in a gutter.

Am coughing up blood again. Time to kiss singing goodbye for another few weeks. Good thing I didn’t make the fall musical. Wah, life hates me.

::squeals:: Monstrous Regiment comes out today! Well, in the US, at least. It’s been out a week already in the UK. Of course, I’m not complaining. There’s a year between release dates for Jasper Fforde!

Crossdressers and zombies and diplomats, oh my!

Ugh. Just failed my calculus midterm, along with the entire rest of the class. I don’t think a single person even finished the exam. Gah, I just hope I failed better than the others in the class. Curves, ya know.

The main downside to loving groups that do song parodies is the propensity towards getting to know the parody better than the original. While sitting in the common area, listening to Shu Kee explaining an obscure calculus concept over pizza, I heard the strains of a familiar song in the background. I walked down the hall to find the source, ready to squeal “Ally McBeal! Who’s the Da Vinci’s Notebook fan?” I squealed inside when I saw that it was Shu Kee and Dan’s room — was Shu Kee a DVN fan as well? Joy of all joys! We could go to the concert together and all would be merry! Then I heard the lyrics, and I found that no, it wasn’t “Ally McBeal.” Apparently, that was a parody. So he’s not a DVN fan. Alas and woe. Thwarted! I must pay more careful attention in the future.

::gasp:: Apparently, there’s a Ben & Jerry’s right down the street from my comics shop. Coincidence? I think not! Fate? Booyeah.