I’ve watched an unusual amount of TV while working on the wig this week, so I can actually talk about pilots! Originally, I’d been planning to watch only a select few, let my flist determine the winners of the shows I didn’t watch, then play catch up with those that made the cut.

Journeyman didn’t really grab me, mostly because I kept comparing it unfavorably to the extraordinary Life on Mars. It certainly has promise, but unless my flist convinces me otherwise, I won’t be watching.

I haven’t gotten around to watching the aired version of Bionic Woman, but it’s waiting for me when I get home.

I watched the first five minutes of Moonlight and had to change the channel.

Returning shows:

Heroes returns with a bang, and if Hiro doesn’t end up beoming Kinsei, I’ll eat my Fangirl Card. I saw this coming from the first time we saw that painting of Kinsei in Linderman’s collection and I noticed that he had the same facial hair as Future Hiro. And Will thought I was mad, HAH! Not sure what to call Mohinder’s new friend. Has the fandom come up with a nickname yet? My top contenders are “Mister Midas” and “The Alchemist.”

House was absolutely hilarious. THIS is why I love this show!

Sometimes I don’t finish a post for whatever reason, but I feel later that the contents should still get out there. So now it’s time for a Drafts Roundup!

From 5/9/07:


Ellen Greene, the actress that played Audrey in the movie version of Little Shop of Horrors, played Sylar’s mom in last night’s ep of Heroes. I got such an Audrey vibe off her, but I thought the mother was too old! I WIN AT LIFE!

But this raises a terrifying scenario: Our villain possesses an uncanny resemblance to the beautific young son Audrey dreams of in “Somewhere That’s Green.” Could Sylar truly be one of these children? Photographic evidence says OF COURSE YES, THIS IS FANDOM. EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE!

My computer is refusing to allow me to take screencaps, so I had to literally take pictures of the screen with my digital camera. XD Without further ado, I present: LITTLE SHOP OF HEROES!

Note the distinct Eye of Jupiter mandala in the background–obviously painted by a young Sylar, having already devoured Laura Roslin’s brain.

I think this is why I don’t have a boyfriend. :D

You remember a month and a half ago, when I called out to the universe for someone to make a “Re: Your Brains” fanvid for Sylar on Heroes? My life is now complete. Linked from Beth!

On the other polar opposite of hilarity, someone posted a clip from Fox’s neo-con wannabe Daily Show, The Half-Hour News Hour. Painfully unfunny (the funniest aspect is how canned the laughter sounds, though I admit the “plummeting approval ratings” was amusing) and unabashedly political. There are so many hilarious and fun-poke-worthy things about the left, and they start with Barack Obama? Wow, no agenda here!

Edit: What the hell? This is being aired on FOX NEWS, not regular-Fox. The Daily Show is aired on BASIC CABLE, after a show about genetic freaks that form a squad of superheroes. How on earth can Fox justify airing this on a NEWS channel? Oh, right. Because they’re completely soulless, and someone accidentally left a bar magnet next to their moral compass. I don’t even know why I was surprised.

Heroes. “Fantastic,” Doctor Scruffy? Fantastic indeed!

And Studio 60, “special guest Masi Oka” does not mean “Masi Oka is in this episode for three seconds, just repeating the same line.” He’d better be in the second half of the episode, or I will have Words with your promo department. HEY, that wasn’t a perfect analogy to one of the plot threads for last night’s episode, was it? Because then I’d have to laugh, then punch Aaron Sorkin in the face. :D

I never got around to posting my thoughts on last Monday’s Heroes Season-Returnything, so I do so now! First off: Yay, it’s Doctor Scruffy! Then Hiro and the museum? SO MUCH LOVE. Did anyone notice that Hiro’s hero had a striking resemblance to future!Hiro? Well, in the sense that they had the same facial hair, at least. :D Also, Hiro and Nathan were hilarious together. Basically, as always, every scene with Hiro was wonderful!

I look forward to seeing Masi on this week’s Studio 60. I’m sure it’ll just be a brief cameo, but any Masi is good Masi! I just have to figure out what’s going wrong with my DVR, and why it’s recording the wrong channels some times and not others. It started recording the wrong channel for Veronica Mars as well, though it faithfully records The Daily Show and The Colbert Report every day. Go figure. I’ll poke the guys at Radio Shack about it tomorrow.

And now, to the tune of “The Candyman Can”…

Who’s convinced that Isaac’s
Visions all are true?
Buys up all his paintings for a pretty penny, too.
The Linderman!
The Linderman can!
The Linderman can ’cause his pockets are so deep
He now owns half the cast…

Who extorts Petrelli,
D.L. and Nikki, too?
Double-crosses left and right, next he’ll come after you!
The Linderman!
The Linderman can!
The Linderman can ’cause his pockets are so deep
He now owns half the cast…

The Linderman schemes
Nasty evil dreams,
No hero will be neglected.
Talk about well-connected!
(Until he gets vivisected?)

Who’s got the katana
When Hiro fights with Sue?
Makes the poor boy take it back and makes him feel so blue.
The Linderman!
The Linderman can, the Linderman can…
The Linderman can ’cause his pockets are so deep
He now owns half the cast…
He now owns half the cast,
But watch out for that blast!

Dresden Files on my TV tonight! I’m counting down the hours. Once more, that’s 9/8c on SciFi in the US or Space in Canada. It starts in the UK on SkyOne February 14th.

I got to see the Edward Scissorhands ballet yesterday, and it was lots of fun. I’m so glad I got the chance to go! I can’t imagine it making much sense to those who hadn’t seen the movie, but it was still nifty.

Some links:

March of the Emperor — a fantastic French ad (with English subtitles)

Good lord. Colbert actually did steal O’Reilly’s microwave! That’s… beautiful.

iConcertCal — for Mac and Windows. It’s an iTunes visualizer that lets you know when bands/artists that appear in your library will be playing a concert near where you live. For instance, it just let me know that Vienna Teng is going to be in Philadelphia tonight, though she’s sold out. If only I knew about this months ago!

Not that I’m at all surprised, by Heroes just got a full-season order for 2007-08, and season 1 will now have 23 episodes, rather than 22. Yayfun!

Oh, and an addendum to the Heroes post: I know Sylar didn’t have time to eat Other!Cheerleader’s brain and absorb her powers or whatnot (is that the current theory? I don’t follow the actual fandom), but wouldn’t it be fun if Sylar took on her bitchy, popular-snot qualities? Or her miniskirt? I would laugh.

Anyway, I did that “Alphabetically Pair Up Who’s in your LJ Icons” meme during a brief break from my TOTALLY AWESOME (or at least it will be) Serenity and The Searchers paper for my film class. Only about half of the pairings were funny, and here they are:

Dalek/Darth Vader — “We will exterminate the Rebellion. Exterminate! Exterminate!”
Dumbledore/Elphaba — ‘Cause when you’re with the wizard, no one thinks you’re strange!
French Taunter/Gaius Baltar
Genie (Aladdin)/George W Bush — “Hey, what’s this about North Korea bombin’ Crawford? I wished no other countries had nucular weapons!” “And I granted it! But you never said anything about ‘nuclear’ ones…”
God (Monty Python)/Gollum — “YOU MUST SEEK THE HOLY GRAIL.” “What’s ‘grail’, precious?”
Gregory House/Harry Dresden — my god, the snark would result in a minor supernova!
Harry Potter/Hermione Granger — Included because my roommate ships them and she’s had the universe’s crappiest semester
Hiro Nakamura/Howard Dean — YATTAAAAAAUGH!
Karrin Murphy/Jayne Cobb — WOW, world’s least likely couple! Though she has shacked up with a mercenary recently…
Logan Echolls/Mac — er, that’s Mac as in “I’m a Mac, I’m a PC”, not the character on VM. Logan/VM!Mac would be ooky.
Malcolm Reynolds/Mewsevelt (Thinkin’ Lincoln) — I already can’t think about Mewsevelt without bursting into a fit of giggles, so bwaha.
Napoleon Dynamite/Princess Leia — in his pathetic, liger-filled dreams!
Puppet Angel/Puppet Pals Harry — “Angst. Angst. Angst…”? Inevitable.
Spike/Spongmonkey (Rathergood.com, We Like Tha Moon and Quiznos commercials) — NO. WORDS. This might even be more fabulous than Spike/Clipboard.
Stephen Colbert/Strong Bad — Can someone please write this fanfic?

I wrote most of this on Monday, but schoolwork and general exhaustion and Blogger being on crack extended the writing process.

Looks like The Dresden Files TV show is going to be on Sundays at 9EST as the lead-in to Battlestar Galactica. Now I’m not a TV executive and I don’t know about the secret inner workings of the network, but wouldn’t it have been more prudent to make the phenomenally popular space opera the lead-in to the new show desperately seeking an audience? Ah well. Maybe a few BSG fans will see the last few minutes of Dresden and be intrigued. *sigh* And I liked Sci-Fi Friday.

Anyway, Heroes. So when did it finally penetrate Peter’s skull that flying was not his superpower? I thought he was still confused about everything. He certainly was a couple episodes ago, and nothing really happened for him that should have changed that. Oh well.

The “Save the Cheerleader” payoff was the most predictable thing that’s happened all season, but it was still fun to watch it play out. I was hoping they’d put some kind of spin on it, that it wasn’t Claire that needed saving, or that Claire was going to take a dramatic turn for the dark side when she tried to kill the quarterback, and they were going to have to save the Cheerleader from herself, which would in turn stop a series of events that would have lead to The Great Kablooey. I was hoping that we would actually see the other cheerleader die on the steps, where Claire’s death was predicted, but I guess if all Isaac’s visions actually came true, it wouldn’t bode well for New York.

Oh well. I like that they paid the line off quickly, rather than making it last an entire season. I know they’re trying not to be Lost, making the fans wait seven years to pay off something that happened in the first episode.

Anyway, more nicknames to add to my stash, in addition to “Mr. Kitty”: Boy Rogue and The Wolverette. This show makes me so happy.

Oh! And I neglected to mention! Ko and I watched the two episodes of Studio 60 I had recorded but we hadn’t gotten around to seeing (Nevada Day 1 and 2), and BWEE. I don’t know what was going on in my brain, but for the first time, the show felt like Genuine Sorkin to me. I was loving it, and I was wondering what on earth I was thinking when I told myself weeks before I was only watching the show because my roommate watched it. YAY STUDIO 60!

Yesterday was keen! I stopped by the comics shop (not a huge selection, but hey! It’s across the street!) to pick up a comic Jimmy recced. They didn’t have it, but they had the fourth trade of Runaways (gotta catch up before Joss takes over), and they randomly had Dave McKean’s Cages! I’ve been wanting to get my hands on it, but Amazon is sold out! Bwee!

I also went to Ko’s dance show, which ROCKED THE HOUSE. Ko = talented + brilliant + pretty, curse her! And speaking of her brilliance, she is ONE OF TWELVE FINALISTS FOR THE RHODES SCHOLARSHIPS. She just found out last night. There has been so much squee in this room since then, it’s like we’re hosting a convention of Legolas fangirls. She needs to write a 50-word blurb about herself for her Marshall Scholarship interview tomorrow, but because she’s so busy, I hired my five-year-old self to do it for her (I love how my usual handwriting is even messier than that). Unfortunately, five-year-old-me can’t count very well1 and it ended up being 67 words, but I still feel it’s something to be proud of. Especially as it was done in like 80 seconds. :D

1 This is a lie. When my mom was teaching me about the number line at some very young age, I invented negative numbers. Me > Hellenistic Egypt and Europe before the 17th Century.

Did I ever mention my new lamp in my blog? I should have. Because it’s COOLER THAN ANYTHING YOU WILL EVER POSSESS IN YOUR INADEQUATE LIFETIME. I got it a couple weeks ago to replace the one CollegeBoxes lost. And it actually gives off a lot more light than you would expect from that picture, stupid lying camera.

I also met with my computer science TA, and we fixed a problem that had been plaguing me all last week. I’m now in the home stretch of my project!

Speaking of squee (see above, re: RHODES FINALIST), I got to meet the Brothers Quay in my film class on Thursday! If you haven’t seen any of their gorgeous and trippy stop-motion films, do so ASAP!

Some Links and a Meme:

Can I be Masi Oka when I grow up?

Asylum Street Spankers: Stick Magnetic Ribbons on your SUV

And a new Potter Puppet Pals episode: Wizard Angst!

You paid attention during 97% of high school!

85-100% You must be an autodidact, because American high schools don’t get scores that high! Good show, old chap!

Do you deserve your high school diploma?
Create a Quiz

GLEE! Tim Minear’s Drive pilot has been picked up to go to series! As Aaron Sorkin’s latest baby gets hooked up to life support, another of my favourite TV people gets their infant slapped on the butt, and woah, check out the lungs on that kid! And I know that’s a terrible metaphor. Shut up, I’m a computer science student!


  • Saw Eden’s true colors the minute she was introduced. It’s nice to be proven right, though there was never any doubt in my mind she wasn’t a plant.
  • Can we clone a miniature Hiro so that I can keep one in my pocket, and occasionally tell him he can have a sword? Because OH MY GOSH that was adorable! He can just sit in my car and make lightsaber noises.
  • And Ando’s explanation of the Hero’s journey: “Heroes don’t start at the end! That’s how they can make movies about them!” I love them.
  • The mirror scene. Interesting, but I would have liked to see it a little better done. Something like Gollum’s conversation with himself in TTT, where it definitely gives the impression that two people are talking, but if you break down the movement, you can see that it’s the same “take,” and the movements blend in to each other. Or in a much more expensive SFX way, the two seperate “halves” would reflect the other. Like, as one of them is talking, her reflection is that of her other counterpart. It annoyed me that there were tears on regular Nikki’s face but not on Mirror!Nikki. And I suppose that’s how it works for her, but still. Feh.
  • Bwah! Can we call him “Mr. Kitty”? I hope she’s dead, though I seriously doubt she is. (Though it would make room for female muties that’s aren’t blonde bimboes. Come on, bring on a supergirl I can actually care about!)