From Ann Coulter’s website:

To The People Of Islam:

Just think: If we’d invaded your countries, killed your leaders and converted you to Christianity YOU’D ALL BE OPENING CHRISTMAS PRESENTS RIGHT ABOUT NOW!

Merry Christmas

Utterly unbelievable. There are no words to describe this woman.

This evening, Alicey and I watched these videos of the tsunami together. They speak for themselves. Seeing all those people on the shore in the Patong Beach video, and the man trapped on an outcropping near the end of the same video, helpless as he watched the water rush by him and the water levels rising… Nightmare after nightmare come true. CNN reports over 56,000 dead, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg, with the inevitable threat of disease. There are no words.

I say “Heck yeah!” My theatre lighting professor hasn’t posted my grade yet, but I’m delighted beyond reason over my other classes.

My 3D modeling class? A. And talking to Jing, it appears almost everyone else in the class got an A-. Why the special treatment for me? Not the foggiest clue.

My Film History class? B+. If I recall correctly, got a B on the first paper and a B+ on the exam, so that means I must have gotten at least a B+ on my final paper! Hotness!

The Computer Science class of doom, in which my final grade was .12 above an uncurved F? Curved to a C. C, baby! I am so good!

The Math class of horrors, which I considered dropping after doing miserably on the first exam. A MINUS. HOLY COW. I haven’t gotten an A in Math in YEARS. Oh, the groove is BACK!

I found my negatives from the Clan Tynkers shoot (where I made the images that I use in the current tnm.n layout), and I’m now scanning a bunch of negatives that I never got to print before. So many awesome images, so little time. Did I ever post any of the other images from the shoot? I think I posted a couple on DeviantArt, but never in my LJ. Ah well, pretty soon, I’ll finish the new layout for my photographic gallery, so you’ll be able to see everything (including the images I’m scanning now) there.

I never know what to do in the wake of tragedy. An event that made such a profound impact on so many people in another part of the world should have a profound impact on me as well, shouldn’t it? CNN reported that the earthquake’s power was equivalent to that produced by the detonation of a million atomic bombs. Other scientists said it probably jolted the planet’s rotation. How can anything we do on a day-to-day basis even begin to compare? How can I follow up an entry, composed while speechless with horror, with some trifling anecdote or silly remark about fandom?

I want to say that life goes on and that we should continue to go along with our daily lives and that’s good, right? The afternoon of September 11th, after school let out, Chungy and I continued with the plans we had made the day before and took pictures of ourselves dressed as crazy old women for our joint blog, The Spinster Diaries. The weblog fell through, but the next year, she gave me a poster-style wall calendar with one of those photos. Though 2003 is long gone, I still have it hanging on my wall. And every time I look at it, I can’t help staring at the tiny orange datestamp in the corner, unassuming neon digits that read “9 11’01”, and I feel horrified.

Sure, stuff like this takes a while to sink in, but looking back on my blog entries for September 11th, I give the impression that I was more personally affected by the contents of my website being accidentally deleted than by any terrorist activity. Looking back, I’m appalled at the lack of sensitivity. So what do you do? How long to you wait until you can start thinking selfishly again, posting about how suprised and proud you are of your grades this semester, or linking to the latest fandom-related exploit, or griping about the price differences between Amazon and Barnes and Noble when you’re trying to support one over the other? Why doesn’t Miss Manners have anything to say on the subject?

Wheeeeeee, I got to spend the day with Chungy, and life is wonderful! We watched the easter eggs on all the RotK, ate lunch at the Dream Cafe, then saw “A Series of Unfortunate Events,” which was fabulous. I really need to read some of those books! Perhaps I’ll see if they have them at one of my libraries near my dorm. I particularly loved the costume and set design, and I’m very pleased with Jim Carrey’s performance. Afterwards, we watched “Napoleon Dynamite,” which I had missed in the theatres. Too funny!

Over lunch, I explained to her some of the main plot points of Buffy, and then at the theatre, we discussed our Lost theories. Of course, as I explained several of my ideas, I started getting the impression that she had seen a lot less of the show than she was letting on, so at a certain point I refused to say any more and instead gave her the CDs I burned with the first seven episodes. Hurrah!

We also exchanged our gifts. Good lord, Chungy knows me far too well! She got me the DVD of Hero, which I was planning to get for myself with the Christmas money I got from my aunt.

And we’re getting together again on Wednesday! Hurrah!