Hee! Matt, Luke, and T-Barr: This is the image I was referring to on Saturday. BoyBand!Nightcrawler, part of SomethingAwful.com’s “Confused Actors” Comedy Goldmine. Life is good.

Wow, looking through the course catalog for Freshman seminars, I’m even more thrilled about Penn. One class includes a study of Hitchcock, Kubrick, and Luhrman (among others). Another class has as one of its textbooks Harry Potter. I’m in love.

*sigh* I always think that I’m over it and that it doesn’t bother me anymore, but whenever I see any of my collabs with Moni credited only to her, I’m always so irked. I need to get over myself. Alas, the hazards of collabbing with fandom divas. XD

Quotes from last night’s festivities:

“Sacre bleu, eh?” –Luke, impersonating French Canadians

“Abort. Retry. Flail.” –if Matt worked at Microsoft

“T-Barr is looking far too shifty. I’m waiting for a goatee to spring from his chin.” –Matt

“It’s like we’re kissing through produce!” –Luke, sharing a corn-on-the-cobb with T-Barr

“Dude! (high-fives Matt) Wait… what were you just talking about? I was looking at cheesecake.” –Luke

Burkhead: I like the word “drizzle”.

Matt: Fo’ shizzle.

::drawing a graph:: “The humor is directly proportional to the confusion.” –T-Barr

Me: It’s a leper-tron!

T-Barr: Would “robotic leprosy” be like rusting?

Me: “Robotic leprosy” is the best phrase I have heard in two months.

“It looks like Swiss cheese that failed.” –Me, regarding T-Barr’s cheesecake when he tried to give it leprosy

“There is no context you can put that it to make it right!” –T-Barr, regarding “nipple buddies”

Luke: You know what I need to do? Join a carnival and become a nipple reader.

Burkhead: And you probably still wouldn’t get any, Luke.

“Yesss! I would use my Captain Planet power to get some!” –Matt, regarding the Heart planeteer

Whee, just ordered “The Well of Lost Plots” off Amazon UK, as the literary world is stupid and it’s not going to be available anywhere in the US for almost a year. Bah, humbug to evil US snobbery of fabulous UK books. But yay, we thwart their wiles at every turn! Percy bless Amazon UK!

Dude! The Graduate Associate at my dorm at Penn is named Abe Lo! Further proof that Lincoln kicks Wilson’s shiny backside.

And apparently, my college house was modeled after a Turkish harem. Man, I love this dorm already.