• We begin… And everything you see on the counter is probably only 2/3 of the junk I used.

  • Ears! MAN, that felt weird.

  • I make such a cute elf.

  • First layer on my face. It looks bright and ugly now, but it dries darker.

  • Third layer!

  • I spray my hair black, as there’s no way I’m wearing that horrid wig.

  • The Enochian symbols: a bit messy, but accurate. Someone so beautiful should not be so–nevermind.

  • Rachel and I painted my hands at warp speed, then I added The coat!

  • Close up of the finished product…

    I’ll post better pictures of the finished costume later. Now, lunch! Then math. I woke up at 8 this morning, thinking it would give me plenty of time to dress, eat breakfast, and be ready for class at 11, but not a chance. I was almost late, even without breakfast. I should have woken up at 7. Oh well.

  • Mmmmm, gah. Donnie Darko continues to be amazing. Good, good movie. And it helps that Jake Gyllenhaal is cuter than toast.

    Happy Halloween, boys and girls! So who’s dressing up? Roll call in the comments field!

    *leaps out from behind a door and snarls* Welcome to HELL HOUSE, boys and ghouls! Follow the arrows… if you want to SURVIVE! *cackle*

    Too much fun. I blued my eyes and added a slight sickly blue hue to my skin with makeup, put a pillow under my jacket, and became a deranged Nightcrawler with osteoperosis. T’was an insane amount of fun, and I scared the pants off people. Rather like when I played Conjur Woman last year at Jesuit. Muaha!

    The Cast and Crew and Wannabes (try to find me! Three guesses, and the first two guesses don’t count.)

    Oh, and I’m faaaaaamous! Or something. :D

    Oh. Em. Gee.


    Of course, if I’m doing anything this summer (we’re suddenly tight on money, as the real estate market remains dry and my dad just lost another client), there’s no contest between that and the potential ArgentinaFest with Mon and Alicey, but still. DUDE.

    This makes my 1:30 AM. Does anyone know who’s responsible? They are my hero.

    Anyway, I anticipate sleep any time now. Just put in a lot of work on the suite Haunted House to prepare for the Halloween suite decoration contest tomorrow. We shall prod righteous buttock.

    Doesn’t Bush have anything better to do with his time? Protection from Pornography Week? Sounds to me like a challenge. Jen? Sam? “Smagsby”? You’re on. :D

    And for those not yet 18, we shall all watch xXx (the Vin Diesel movie) to celebrate!

    (And you know what makes it all the funnier? That–a parody White House website–posted this so soon before.)