Renata, Keith, and I chatted briefly this evening about the Sappy Lincoln Narratives roadtrip! I’ve cut some of the non-relevant lines of dialogue. Sme people should not be let into academia.

Renata: anyway, priscilla, i think keith and i keep talking about the trip at times when you’re not around?
Priscilla: I KNEW IT
Priscilla: You’re cheating on me!
Renata: and i can’t remember what i’ve like blogged about and stuff
Renata: so
Renata: are you aware that the trip is now an extended animorphs larp?
Renata: and also that it’s a disability studies concerns animorphs book club?
Priscilla: Keith told me. This is a beautiful, beautiful thing.
Renata: also we can morph plants
Renata: also there’s no backdoor to heaven
Renata: i think that’s about it
Keith: lol
Priscilla: But I don’t know what I can bring to the table! I’m only good at analyzing fairy tales and saying that things are vaginal symbols and stuff, but I don’t think there’s much of that in Animorphs. Still, I can try!
Renata: as a fake gender/women’s studies major, there are vaginas EVERYWHERE
Priscilla: Ok. Like when Jake fell into the Yeerk pool and became a controller? That’s totally a rape scene.
Renata: definitely
Priscilla: And Jake goes into a period of latency, like in Bettleheim’s Freudian interpretation of “Sleeping Beauty.”
Priscilla: The physical/sexual trauma causes him to withdraw and become passive until circumstances arise that he can safely emerge once again.
Keith: oh, you’re good.
Keith: this trip will be so awesome in a “fucking up the memories of our teenage reading” sort of way
Keith: I’ll probably talk about the moral implications of the animorphs killing yeerk hosts. What would Kant say to that!? Porbably something really technical and annoying
Renata: i’d like to discuss what it means that in order for the narrative to function
Renata: rachel must take on masculine tropes
Renata: and eventually be sacrificed
Priscilla: Yet Cassie, the female most associated with the feminine, and with beauty and healing survives? Doesn’t she remain on Earth?
Renata: i’m not sure
Renata: although! it is complex, because cassie is not exactly associated with beauty
Renata: that is rachel
Priscilla: her morphing style is
Renata: it is a madonna/whore complex