*is feeling murderous*

Jimmy v. sick, methinks. His CD drive and Zip drive are on crack. When I try to transfer big files by CD, he freezes. When I try to transfer by Zip, he goes into overdrive and makes noises that sound like a Zip disk being violently wrenched in two by a pack of demented ocelots. And Mrs. McCullough is going to eviscerate me with a toasting fork if I don’t have my files for class tomorrow. I spent over an hour this evening photographing for class, but noooooo I can’t transfer the files from the CD or the Zip disk to my laptop. Of course, I did lots of work on my other project tonight, so I’ll be able to work on that, but the knowledge that Jimmy is being so unwontedly wretched makes me very cross. ::seethes:: Come on, Jimmy, even HAL is being less evil than you right now! ::stomps around:: Die.

I met this man today. Tibetan monk Palden Gyatso and the two nuns travelling with him visited my school today and spoke to us of the situation in Tibet, as well as their years of torture as political prisoners of the Chinese Communist regime. I still find it difficult to believe the sickening cruelties mankind is capable of inflicting upon one another.

Marcelina has a far more eloquent description of events, so I’ll refer you to her LJ.

Tell Alicey how cool she is for drawing pictures of Abe Lincoln, swinginest President this side of the Potomac. Notice that no efforts were made to render the visage of the obviously inferior Woodrow Wilson. XD ::hearts Rebecca::


I could have sworn I went to sleep wearing white socks. Now they’re striped.

Strange things are afoot, Watson.

Elfwood Critique of the Day:

“This picture doesn’t match with the actor who plays him…….. Well he doesn’t match at all..Never mind”

Give that man a cigar!