Sigh. The glands in my jaw and neck have been tender and sore all day. And in the past couple hours, the soreness has spread to my shoulders and engulfed my head in sleepfog. I thought I was done with this stupid cold!

The tax rate may be evil, but I love the opportunities living in New York offers! Tuesday morning, before work officially started, Chris was randomly watching an anime music video set to Jonathan Coulton’s “Code Monkey.” As a result, I spent much of the morning listening to Jonathan Coulton music on my iPod. I randomly got the urge to check a certain lyric, so I went to his website. Then I randomly got the urge to check whether he was planning any shows in the near future, and… HOLY COW YES! He was playing THAT NIGHT! And VIENNA TENG will be playing at the same venue next week! WIN!

Coulton’s concert was a treat. He was preceded by the unimpressive Graham Smith and the uproariously funny The Petersons (who Coulton joined briefly to sing the high note in their cover of “Take On Me,” masquerading himself as one of the last remaining Italian castrati). I’ve had a really hoarse voice all week, so I could only whisper along when he played “Re: Your Brains,” but I nevertheless had a fantastic time!

Unfortunately, I still haven’t gotten over said sore throat. It’s been getting progressively worse since Saturday–in fact, my supervisors sent me home from work this morning so I could rest, as I can barely talk above a whisper. Fortunately, our family has a lot of friends in the medical profession in New York, and one was able to check me out this afternoon to make sure I didn’t have anything serious. He said I probably just have a virus, and it should run its course by the weekend. I’ve been taking good care of myself! I slept from 10AM to 6 PM, waking up briefly at 2 for the aforementioned appointment. BEAUTIFUL.

Uh, here, have some reasons to watch Psych! Season two premieres tomorrow at 10.