Still working on the NYCC post and a post about my daaaaaaaaaaate last Friday (no, not with the Gaiman guy–loser still hasn’t called me), but in the meantime… I was on the news in Japan! Strange, I didn’t remember the camera crew, but I guess I just assumed they were associated with the event itself and shooting coverage.

For those that missed it, here’s the ad! It’s now one of the top 15 finalists.

Other stuff I hadn’t blogged about at the time I made the last “Stuff I Haven’t Blogged About” post:

More Stuff That Is Awesome:

  • Obama, Clinton, and Edwards on the Colbert Report! OMG ILU EDWARDS. Obama is my main man, but it was Edwards’ appearance that had me giggling like a moron at work. Well played, writers!

    Have I shared this image yet? Click for the full thing.

  • Detroit Octane endorses their favourite candidate

Comic Con post coming whenever I can find time to write it. Suffice it to say, it was OMGAWESOME.

*snorks* I was cleaning out my bookmarks the other day, and I found this article. Nice job finding artwork relevant to the comic itself, instead of fanart. By me. Displayed without credit. :D

Awesome story:

Tonight kicked off New York Comic Con, and I dressed in my awesome Delirium costume. Expected to see a dozen goth chicks dressed as Death at the Neil Gaiman event, but to my surprise, I was the only cosplayer, as far as I’m aware! I had a lot of people ask me for photos, but the true awesomeness came later.

At the beginning of the Neil Gaiman thing, the people in the first three rows got paper and a pencil, and they all had the opportunity to write a question for Neil. After he read a few fabulous short stories aloud, he left the room briefly to peruse the questions and figure out which he wanted to answer and in what order.

He returned to the room and did the usual Q&A, but about halfway through came the question “The girl dressed as Delirium in row 6 is really cute. Can you get her number for me?” I laughed along with the audience, then Neil asked the person to stand up. The guy looked kind of cute, and I admired his courage, so I gave it to him, to a round of applause from the audience.

The next question: “What’s the weirdest question you’ve ever been asked?” Neil: “I think it was that one.”

And special bonus awesome: At the end, as we were all leaving, a guy asked me, “Hey, are you Priscilla from the Butcher Block?” He remembered me mentioning offhandedly on the podcast that I was going to be dressed as Delirium at NYCC! MADNESS. THE WORLD IS TINY. (AND I AM ITS QUEEN)

Welcome to Things I Can’t Believe I Haven’t Blogged About!

  • My parents came to town this past weekend. A splendid time was had by all, and now my room finally looks like someone actually lives there! Huzzah!
  • Friday night, I took my parents and my aunt to see Curtains, which was all kinds of fun. Boo to the haters!
  • Sunday morning, we participated in this Obama event. T’was fun! We were all part of the first A. Some photos on the event’s facebook site: Mah Daddy! And big panorama: I’m just to the left of center (hurr!), in a red sweater. The video should be up later today. I’ll post it when it becomes available.
  • Got a ticket to Flight of the Conchords! Envy me!
  • The first Dresden Files comic came out Wednesday, and it’s AWESOME. I could get a sense of how it would work earlier on, reading the script alongside looking at the images, but it’s somehow a completely different experience to see it all put together. It’s a really solid piece of work, and I’m so thrilled to be involved in the project! I can definitely see it drawing new fans in, and the existing fans will love it.
  • YAY. A mixup on Wednesday that had the potential to get very ugly was resolved yesterday with minimal drama and fuss. What a relief!

Stuff that is Great:

Upcoming Awesomeness from Disney/Pixar, in further detail!

J.K. Rowling and the Courtroom of Muggles

Brian Dettmer: insanely creative and gorgeous book autopsies

Makani finished her gorgeous Deathly Hallows illustration of Bella about to Sweeney Hermione.

Scoop on upcoming Tori Amos comic

Near-Impossible Mario Hack

Doctor Who April Fools’ Joke

Adipose Plushie! I want one! It and Squidaped Oyt can be BFFs.


WTF. Torchwood made me cry. WHAT INSANITY IS THIS?

The episode was 90% crap. The citywide destruction was entirely gratuitous, Connor Grey’s acting was as abysmally bad as his character was flat, Captain John’s story held up like a wet paper bag with a hole in it the size of the Alien Sheep, and the whole “Jack was sent back in time and just had to live through the intervening years” stretched my suspension of disbelief when it was only a century and change. Expecting Jack to hang out in a grave for nearly 2000 years without emerging absolutely crazypants, with hair long enough to encircle the globe1, atrophied muscles, and completely disintegrated clothing represents a new pinnacle of lazy writing for the Torchwood crew, and that’s saying a LOT.

Continuously dying and resuscitating for 2000 years, writers. There is no way Jack is not crazy. You are all sadists. Unless of course John only jumped forward a few hours, rescued Jack, then jumped forward to three days before Steamwood discovered him in 1901 and left him buried in a roomy coffin with a Victrola, a razor, and a ham sandwich, then lied to Presentwood because he’s too pretty to remember silly details like when and where his little Starship Trooper2 is buried.

So why the heck was I crying?

Okay, George Lucas take note: That’s how you use the line “You’re breaking my heart.” Toooooooooosh, ilu! Don’t leave me, Tosh! And Owen… frankly, I never cared for him much. But suggestion for Season 3: Owen = Doctor Manhattan.

1 Out of curiosity… Hair grows at approximately 3/4″ per month, or 9″ per year, so between his burial in 27 AD and his discovery by Punkwood in 1901, his hair should have grown 16,866 inches, or 1,405.5 feet. That’s more that a quarter of a mile! And his fingernails… I don’t even want to think about fingernails, though if you want to do the math yourself, they grow at approximately .1mm per day. (Hint: 68.4 meters, or 224.4 feet)

2 John and Jack’s “song” is Close Encounter Three by Sarah Brightman. And I’ve seen a Smallville Brainiac/Clark fanvid to it. EPIC LOLZ.

Edit: From Sam’s LJ:
DementedSiren: I now have the oddest notion of Jack and the Tardis entertaining each other through all of those years. You know, mental crossword [uzzles, I Spy, writing a screenplay together…
Sam: TARDIS Sudoku!

*dies and is dead* I just put the Small Favor audiobook on (the book came out yesterday! And it’s FANTASTIC!), but I had to pause it after two sentences to giggle like a moron. James is reading the snowball fight with such grave seriousness. And I can’t help comparing it to the reading Jim gave at PhauxCon, which was done with a near-lunatic glee. I love my fandom.

And speaking of my fandom, check out the crossover fandom fanart image I did for FictionAlley’s April Fools’ Day Tradition. I love my wizards named Harry. :D