So! Simon Pegg!

He, actress Thandie Newton, director David Schwimmer, and screenwriter Michael Ian Black entered to riotous applause, then were seated while a representative from the theatre talked about the film and upcoming events at the theatre. My heart leapt when Simon randomly looked at me, grinned hugely, and waved. Stunned, I waved back, heart elated with fangirl glee. Then mid-wave, I realized he was actually waving at the girl next to me, who turned out to be the Moderator for the Spaced-Out Forum. Dork, thy name is Priscilla!

When he was finally introduced, he got up and stood on his chair like Roberto Benigni winning an Oscar. It was clear from the levels of applause and catcalling that the audience was mostly there to see him! However, when he tried to get back down, his foot got stuck in the chair, to great hilarity.

The movie was so much fun. Simon once again proved his genius at physical comedy–his facial expressions and mannerisms had us rolling on the floor. He put so much heart into the role! I’m so frustrated with the American distributor for delaying the US release until MARCH. Seriously, MARCH? It came out September 7th in the UK, and it’s topping the box office! LAME. I’m so lucky that they didn’t change the date of this preview screening! Originally, it was supposed to be only a week or so in advance.

After the movie, they held a Q&A. A Highlight included Simon labeling the film a “slacker romance,” or “slomance,” which put me in the mind of his name for Shaun of the Dead‘s genre, “romantic zombie comedy,” or “romzomcom.” The lowlight was an obnoxious woman who kept spouting off stupid, nonsensical questions without being called on, eating into the time limit for the Q&A session. Booo, crazy woman!

Following up the Q&A was an impromptu signing, then a reception. When my turn came along, rather than ask a stupid question, I just told him how much I loved SotD and HF and how I appreciated that he was taking genres he loved and bringing something new and unique to them, as so much of the movie industry seems completely soulless. I actually spoke in coherent, eloquent sentences! I win! This fangirl is growing up.

In sum, FANTASTIC evening! Great opportunities like this are how I justify paying an arm and a leg in taxes, living in New York. I love this city!

I just met Simon Peeeeeeegg! And he’s such a sweetheart and utterly hilarious in person. See him in Run Fatboy Run when it comes out!

My camera was nearly out of batteries, so Kevin took pictures for me. I’ll post them as soon as he sends them to me. I also got autographs from him, Thandie Newton, and David Schwimmer, and I’ll scan them when I get my apartment a bit better situated. :D

More when I’m not zzzzzsleepy from sque! And wow, I’m so sleepy I can’t even spell “squee”! I wonder what “sque” is. Imaginary cookies to whoever comes up with the best definition.