Fantasy Maps

Many of these illustrations can be purchased as posters from my map store!

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  1. Burt Abreu says:

    Found your maps via a mention on Patrick Rothfuss’ blog. Really nice.

  2. Hi, Priscilla! spoke with you very briefly tonight as Seannan MaGuire’s book signing at Borderlands. I’m thrilled that I got a free copy of the Kingdom of Westlands…I took a look at your other work. Your map of the Nine Realms is absolutely gorgeous!
    Here’s a link to Infinite City:

    I think you’d really like this atlas!

  3. T.S. Starkenberg says:

    These are awesome! While my eyes are naturally drawn to the detail of the “Kingdoms of the Westlands”, I think the “Iron Druid Chronicles” is probably one of the most fantastic maps I’ve seen for it’s complexity, creativity, and layers.

    Hope we get to work together someday!

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