The Daily Show and The Colbert Report return tonight, sans writers! Let the madness begin! I’m imagining Stephen with an uproariously ridiculous fake Strike Beard, perhaps in the style of a different famous political leader each time they return from commercial break.

In the meantime, there is hope on the horizon! The WGA and United Artists have agreed to sign an interim deal, allowing striking feature writers to begin work for the studio — and opening the door for other indies such as the Weinstein Co. and Lionsgate to follow suit.

This should put pressure on other studios to do the same, lest they fall behind. HECK YES.

More from the Half-Hour News Hour. I think I had a dream like this and woke up in a cold sweat. So… how is this political satire? Or even a parody of the news? I’m reminded of the “President Al Gore” SNL sketch, except that was actually funny and delightfully self-deprecating.

I can’t see how the Rush Limbaugh/Ann Coulter sketch would be funny at all, except as a horrific morality tale or self-deprecatingly like Al Gore, though I can’t imagine a twit like Limbaugh or a lunatic like Coulter being self-deprecating.

Ease the pain by checking out the Official Site for Oshawa’s Stephen Colbert Day.

In other TV news, House was picked up for a fourth season, and BSG was picked up for 13 episodes of a fourth season, with the possibility of extending it full-length. Sweeeeet.

Mmmm, Living Legend Eggs for breakfast! My culinary skills bring all the boys to the yard.

Here’s a great interview with John Hodgman. I especially like what he has to say about satire, kicking people, and being attacked by wolves.

And speaking of my fake newsmen, here’s Stephen Colbert’s uproariously funny followup to his interviews with Bill O’Reilly, and the announcement of the results of another highly amusing bet. *adds Stephen Colbert Day to list of Fannish Dates*