Why isn’t Cute FTP working? I want to show you all my groovy Invader Zim drawing! ::pouts::

I think my immune system is trying to spite me. Three days before the production, I get sick. Ugh, I feel like hell. To make matters worse, I was up coughing all night, so at 4:30 in the morning, my dad gives me a drowsy Sudafed so that I could sleep. Evidently, he didn’t realize that they lasted 6 hours. I just want to sleep… but no, here I am at school, under the influence of sleep-inducing drugs, attempting to stay awake during my classes. Ugh, when will this all end?

I got to go to a production of “The Merchant of Venice” this afternoon. It was fantastic! They set it in Italy under Mussolini, which hadn’t occurred to me before. I got to go with my fantastically nifty English teacher, Ms. Radtke. I had fun.

Ahh…. listening to Mulan and working on a Hiroshima report… Life is good.

((first person to say that Hiroshima is Japan and Mulan is China gets whackslapped))

Great. I got the images from Brian, but the Photoshop job looks incredibly rushed. None of the text is even legible! You can see the image splice lines! Fwah, I’ll fix it tonight. I have to write my *real* Hiroshima paper now…

Oh well. I’m happy, because I finally recognized where a musical score that’s been stuck in my head for 2 months came from! Mulan! How cool am I?

I have three papers due next week, and I probably won’t have time to do them. Fun fun. One of them is on Hiroshima, so I was plotting out the format of my paper this morning. Then, I just decided to randomly blather on until the creative juices started flowing. Here is my paper on Hiroshima:

By Priscilla Spencer

Put well-developed, intelligent comments here. Don’t put undeveloped, worthless notions here. Answer the question, you bloody git. Wow! I already have 27 words! That’s just under 1/20th of my paper! Ye-Gods. Of course, by this point, I have 42 words, 7.6% of my paper, and 10 minutes completely wasted, talking about how I have written 60 words (or 10.9% of the paper) and now have only 479 to go…

I wonder just how much total junk I would have to write in order to reach 550 words. It doesn’t seem like it should be that large, but when I compared it to my “Man For All Seasons” paper, it was about 2 ½ pages. However, seeing as I’ve already written 125 words right here, it doesn’t seem like that much. Heck, now I’ve written 25% of the bloody thing! 788 characters aren’t that difficult an accomplishment.

I remember, way back when I was just a little tyke, we had to write a short story to submit to Cricket magazine. I wrote a Redwall-style story about a bunch of insects that had this huge battle because a wasp named Archen, whose name was filched from one of Lloyd Alexander’s “Chronicles of Pydrain” books, stole a precious jewel from a ladybug whose name I can’t remember. She had one of those weird accents that no one understands unless they read the story aloud. She wasn’t going to have a weird accent originally, but because we were allowed only 350 words, I had to cut out an enormous chunk of dialogue. I called it The War of the Smaller Worlds, and I remember thinking myself so clever for that title. Now I think it’s stupid. I was so proud of myself for that story, but now I just see it as a festering heap of plagiarism. I think I had a real problem with plagiarism when I was younger. In third grade, we were writing short stories, and I stole the basic plot to “Mystery Mansion”, a seriously messed up movie I used to always rent whenever we went to Gunstream. The only writing I’ve ever succeeded in was Fan Fiction, which is in all essence, glorified plagiarism. Half the lines in my “Prequels” story were modified from “Star Wars” novels! Of course, it’s not any worse than Cassie’s “Draco Dormiens/Sinister/Veritas” series, where lines are taken from everywhere. Urgh, now my dad wants me to take a class in creative writing, telling me how good a writer I am. Ha! Has he ever read any of my writing? I don’t think he has, actually.

Wow. 437 words. I may have some promise after all!

I just had the most terrifying dream in the world! It was the night of the first performance for H2$, and I couldn’t remember a single one of my lines! ::shudders:: I recited all my lines from start to finish this morning as to avoid something like this.

Let’s have a poll, shall we? Do you, my faithful readers, have trouble keeping up with all the people/places/inanimate objects/etc. in my life? Should I make a “Priscilla’s Life Glossary” to go along with this weblog? I think it would make life a great deal simpler. What do you think? Comment, you insane lemmings.

I’ve been doodling a lot of “Invader Zim” stuff recently. It’s really not that difficult. I drew this groovy picture with Zim cackling and plotting in front of this huge Earth; with GIR holding it up, Atlas-style; Dib peeking out from behind it; and the Almighty Tallest looking on in amusement. I also have one of those nifty invader flags sticking out of Canada. I want to CG it, once the play is over. Now my friend Chungy wants me to make her a GIR bookmark. I feel special! ::does a little dance::

Why didn’t blogger publish my last entry? Yarg. It was really long, too.