Now that I’m most of the way though Watchmen, I went back and to look at the costume photos posted earlier this month.


Well, except for Ozymandias. And Sally looks more like a grown-up version of the daughter in The Incredibles than her comics counterpart, but eh. I didn’t like her costume in the comics, either. And anyway, the Comedian’s HOLYCOWYESsitude more than compensates. Rorschach looks spot-on, and I can’t wait to see the shifting mask effect in action.

Now I’m just hoping they can do justice to the layers of narrative complexity in a movie.

Edit: Hey, John Cassaday helped design the costumes? Props to him! As if I needed more reasons to be reduced to a brainless, fawning fangirl in his presence when I see him again at NY Comic Con…

No idea why the images are showing up so desaturated, but…

Got the wefts pinned in! I’ll do a bit more styling, separating the ringlets a bit to make them look more like cute spirals than solid cylinders and dragging them out a bit so they’re a little longer. And I think I’ll use smaller safety pins, so they don’t start to peek out if the hair shifts the wrong way.

Pics: Side View, Larger Version of Above, and Me Being a Total Ham!


Whereas I spent months searching for the perfect elements for my Nightcrawler and Maeve costumes, I found the perfect Delirium coat and dress in TEN MINUTES of shopping. Triumph, she is mine! Peek-choors: 01, 02, and 03.

I’ve only put in one of four hair wefts so far, so the extensions will look pretty sparse here. It will look much more wild and full when I’m finished, and the extensions will start higher up on the head, so they look more integrated with the wig and less tacked-on.

Anyway, I love that hideous dress! Turns out the thrift store shopkeeper got it in yesterday, so good timing me! And apart from the shoulders, where it gets a big large, it fits me like a glove. It couldn’t fit the bodice and waist and stuff better if I had it tailored. And the top part doesn’t bother me. When has Delirium ever worn clothes that fit her?


Ko. Rebecca. Marcelina. All visiting New York in the past few months without telling me.

Nice to know you all value our friendship.

Happy Zombie Jesus Day, my lovelies!

Wishing you brightly colored plastic eggs full of brains and Simon Pegg standing outside Jesus’ tomb, a cricket bat at the ready.

Holy crap.

Filipinos warned on crucifixions.

“Health officials in the Philippines have issued a warning to people taking part in Easter crucifixion rituals. They have urged them to get tetanus vaccinations before they flagellate themselves and are nailed to crosses, and to practise good hygiene.


The health department has strongly advised penitents to check the condition of the whips they plan to use to lash their backs, the Manila Times newspaper reports. They want people to have what they call “well-maintained” whips. In the hot and dusty atmosphere, officials warn, using unhygienic whips to make deep cuts in the body could lead to tetanus and other infections.

And they advise that the nails used to fix people to crosses must be properly disinfected first. Often people soak the nails in alcohol throughout the year.

And here I was thinking of celebrating Easter by rereading Lamb.

Dear Subconscious,

I fed you a sandwich last night. You have no excuse for giving me such insane dreams! I love the Codex Alera and I enjoyed Project Runway, but YOU CANNOT CROSS THEM OVER, NO MATTER HOW YOU TRY.

Also Max is straight. He would not hit on Tim Gunn.


Today, Obama gave an absolutely extraordinary speech on the subject of race in America, and you need to hear it. Or read it. Or have it downloaded to your brain like in The Matrix. And you need to do it now.

And what’s more? “This wasn’t a speech by committee. Obama wrote the speech himself, working on it for two days and nights…. and showed it to only a few of his top advisers.”

Without the merest whiff of my usual Obamania… This man needs to be our next President.

I just ran into Jillian from Project Runway on the subway! Underneath Bryant Park, of all places. We were walking opposite directions, and 90% of the time spent between noticing her and actually passing her was spent trying to discern if it actually was her, but the cute skirt and patterned hose alone were a dead giveaway. I told her I loved her clothes and she was by far my favourite finalist, and she said “Thank you” in that demure Jillian way. It was kind of awesome. Mmm, I love living in New York!