You remember a month and a half ago, when I called out to the universe for someone to make a “Re: Your Brains” fanvid for Sylar on Heroes? My life is now complete. Linked from Beth!

On the other polar opposite of hilarity, someone posted a clip from Fox’s neo-con wannabe Daily Show, The Half-Hour News Hour. Painfully unfunny (the funniest aspect is how canned the laughter sounds, though I admit the “plummeting approval ratings” was amusing) and unabashedly political. There are so many hilarious and fun-poke-worthy things about the left, and they start with Barack Obama? Wow, no agenda here!

Edit: What the hell? This is being aired on FOX NEWS, not regular-Fox. The Daily Show is aired on BASIC CABLE, after a show about genetic freaks that form a squad of superheroes. How on earth can Fox justify airing this on a NEWS channel? Oh, right. Because they’re completely soulless, and someone accidentally left a bar magnet next to their moral compass. I don’t even know why I was surprised.

Hey! Just got around to watching this past Friday’s Monk, and Marcelina’s brother was in it! Squee!

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