Today’s Tally of Costumes I Have Seen:

Ash from Pokemon (indistinguishable from day-to-day clothes)
Some guy with a sombrero
A guy in a sparkly jumpsuit
Two bumpkins
A girl in a princess dress
Wolverine (kind of awesome)
And I loaned my Kaylee costume to Elaine, so she’s wearing it somewhere. But I haven’t seen her in it, so it doesn’t count.

Today’s Tally of What People Have Thought My Sally Costume Is:

A Flintstone
Pippy Longstocking
I Have No Idea
Not Jack Skellington, but… [prompts me to fill in name]
Sally, finally!

Hee, I’m reminded of high school senior year when I dressed up as Angua, and a little 4-year-old girl took in my breastplate, my dog collar, my short sword, and my laced up sandals and decided I was a princess. Can I be what that four year old imagines a princess is for the remaining 364 days of the year? Because man, that must rock. :D

Anyway, people that don’t dress up for Halloween after age 12 suck. Yes, I’m talking to you, 99.99999999% of society.

And BWEE! Elaine just stopped by to show off her costume and be my sole trick-or-treater of the evening (I have candy! Come by, people that aren’t far away!), and we took pictures of each other. Here I am in my Sally costume, and here’s Elaine in my Kaylee outfit. La!