Meme, ganked from Rebecca M!

1. Tell me one thing you love about me.

2. Tell me two things you love about yourself. This one I’m particularly interested in, so make it good. I mean it. No self-deprecation allowed!

3. Look through the comments ~ when you see someone you know, tell them three things you love about them. (Am adding my own addendum to this – you DO NOT have to do this bit if you have already filled in this meme at said person’s own journal. *smug*)

4. Do this in your journal so I can tell you what I love about YOU – and if you’ve already done it, tell me so, so that I can go back and give you some love. (Optional, of course.)

Another link post! 100% non-political!

The old Star Wars Gangsta Rap has been reanimated.

Jane Espenson and Joss Whedon are planning a Buffy Season 8 in Comic Book Form. The rabid Spuffy devotee in me just died a little. Maybe it will help that Jane is such an obvious Spuffy shipper, and the “High Stakes” Joss chat made it pretty clear that he prefers Spike over Angel (and the snippets we’ve gotten of Joss’ “Chosen” commentary would make any Spuffy shipper squeal with uncontrollabe glee), but still, wah. I guess we’ll find out if Joss was joking about the ending of “Not Fade Away”: (spoiler warning? Not really, because yeah, Joss was kidding) “…If you like, I can tell you [how it ends]. Gunn pretty much dies (gasp from back), Illyria lives, Spike, he got the Shanshu, um, Angel gets his arm cut off. Um… Xander loses another eye which is weird because he’s not even there.” Oh well. If there is no Spuffy, there’s always the happy land of Canon Denial and AU fanfiction.

A Halloween Treat from!

Okay, make that 75% politics free: “Avenue Q & A” — Bush and Kerry puppets battle on Broadway at Times Square in mock debate. Photos here!

Dear Vice-President (for now) Cheney,

What kind of drugs are you on?

In Awe,


For anyone interested, here’s a shot of the crowd at the Clinton N’ Kerry Rally I attended last weekend. You see that lightpost right behind the big blue Kerry banner on the bottom left? I’m standing about three feet behind it, obscured by foliage. XD And while you’re on that page, check out Eminem’s “Mosh.” I wonder how many will show up at the polls in black hoodies?

More Political Links!

Reason #57,849,325,893 Bush is an Asshat

MoveOn (via Heidi): What To Do If Someone Tries To Stop You From Exercising Your Right To Vote

The Nation: 100 Facts and 1 Opinion

JewsWeek: A Jewish Critique of Bushism

An LJ-er: A Word To The Wise

Salon: NASA photo analyst: Bush wore a device during debate

Drudge Report (I know, I’m sorry): Bin Laden Transcript

NASA Scientist: Bush Stifles Global Warming Evidence

MTV PRElection: Kerry Wins PRElection in a Landslide

A Handful of Quotes (nonpartisan) Debunks Bush/Cheney ‘Wolf Pack’ ad

LA Times: Impact of New Voters


New Delhi Astrologers Predict a Win For Kerry

Yahoo: Bush Voted “Best Movie Villain of the Year”

Former Nader Advisors and Former Running Mate Urge Support For Kerry

Reuters: Kerry Uses President’s Own Words To Call Him Unfit 2004’s Scariest Halloween Costumes

And Now, For Something Completely Mildly Different: Man, if I wasn’t already voting for Kerry, this would have swayed my vote. CUTEST THING EVER. (And even cuter, Ko says it looks like a Rufus Bear, helping kids to cope with and learn about juvenile diabetes.)

*squeaks* Just watched the latest ep of “Lost.” Charlie/guitar is the new Spike/clipboard. My love for Dominic Monaghan knows no bounds.

Congrats to all the Red Sox fans! Now let’s just hope that Massachusetts beats Texas this Tuesday, if you take my meaning. :D

For Spike fans: Man, I was warned that this video was funny, but holy cow. I cannot breathe for laughing. Sheer evil genius! Every second is gold.

And ask and you shall receive! Rebecca and Allison asked for detail shots of Jack, so here they are!

Finished my Nightmare Before Christmas scene! Click here to see it!

Speaking of TNMBC, I was thinking aloud with Ko about when exactly I would wear my Sally costume. I’d like to be able to wear it to class, but as Halloween falls on a Sunday… bah. I’d be able to wear it to Sunday rehearsal, as the dress is easy enough to move around in and the shoes I’m wearing for the costume are the shoes I got for the show, and I’d be surrounded by musical geeks who would certainly appreciate the costume… and now that I think about it, of course, Sunday is great. Forget Friday. Hurrah!