Oh, New York Times! Why did you so completely pan Meet the Robinsons? It was hilarious, and the animation was extraordinary. I wish there were a 3D theatre that wasn’t an hour away, because I’d love to see it again in 3D. It was fantastic in 2D–to see it in 3D would be amazing. Stupid Philly. It’s the fifth-largest city in the U.S.! Why is there no 3D theatre closer than King of Prussia?

Anyway, I’m so amused by the “Keep Moving Forward” anvilage. When Disney started production, it was all about the “Ha! We are striking out on our own without Pixar, going 3D all the way!”, but by the time it came out, Disney was like “Oh, sorry about that. Pixar, come back, we love you. And 2D, we miss you. 2D is definitely back! And hey, let’s make another fairy tale musical! Keep moving ba–er, forward! Keep moving forward!”

So! Ignore the New York Times. It fails. Meet the Robinsons is crazy, crazy fun! With dinosaurs!

I’ve been sitting on this since Friday morning, but now I can finally share it! Fred, who runs the official Jim Butcher podcast “The Butcher Block,” asked me on to do a guest spot and discuss the most recent Dresden TV episodes. We talked yesterday afternoon for about 40 minutes (about 30 minutes of which appears in the podcast itself), and I had a great time! Listen to the episode here. You don’t need an iPod to listen–just download the mp3.

Alicey, I’ll put together a transcript for you, but it’ll take some time, as school/job applications are insane. *stabs Tech Reel DVD that works on my laptop and was working on my DVD player yesterday morning but hasn’t worked since, even though my Modeling reel was done THE EXACT SAME WAY and it works*

Jimmy, even though you don’t read/watch Dresden, you might be interested in tuning in, starting at 39:43. :D

Sweet! The Summer Knight audio book just arrived, a month early. When I pre-ordered it, they said it would take twelve weeks, but it’s only been nine. Those ladies at Buzzy Multimedia win at life.

Dear Dresden Files TV Show,

Finally, a female guest star I don’t find annoying! Well, not very annoying, at least. Maybe “Finally, a female guest star Harry doesn’t hit on!” better summarizes my feelings. Is this actually the first episode where Harry doesn’t kiss someone?

Also Bob is love.


Dear Battlestar Galactica,


P.S. Also my roommate is the fifth cylon. I have photographic proof!

Some Links, Some News:

JamesMarsters.com: Outtakes from the recording of the Summer Knight audio book! Adorable and hilarious. I can’t WAIT to get my copy! Less than a month to go.

Mad TV: iRack

Sorkin to pen Flaming Lips musical

New Doctor Who S3 trailer! And eeeee, for some reason it didn’t sink in that the new series premieres in 9 days! Good thing all the rest of my shows (save Dresden and BSG) are on hiatus!

BSG s4 extended to full 22 episode season

Literal Sign Language. Hilarious!

Dear Universe,

How hard is it to spell my name? I mean really! Especially when you have it written down in front of you!

Prescila Pricella Purcella Brasille ah, never mind.

It’s ridiculous. A friend’s mom still thinks my name is “Sally.” And even weirder, I’ve read two books in the past week with minor characters named “Priscilla,” when I rarely ever encounter the name outside the context of Me. The second was in A Canticle or Leibowitz, a book we had to read for my Sci-Fi class. Priscilla is a yappy, six-legged dog owned by a two-headed woman. The first was White Night, which includes a bitter, frumpish, middling-magical-talent hag of a minor character that wears turtlenecks in the Summer, named Priscilla. How Jim Butcher was able to write an entire book properly spelling her name, but suddenly lost the ability to spell it when personalizing my copy, defies all logic. I spent the entire book wondering if there was some joke about weird spellings of stuff. Of course, to be fair he was trying to spell “Priscellie,” which can be a bit more confusing. Oh well.

My name is great, but also freakish and confusing! Woohoo!

Hope you all had a great St. Patrick’s day! I leave you with this image, made by my friend John. Note that people unfamiliar with Snakes on a Plane should NOT click the above link, as they will not get the joke and probably be offended. Those that are familiar with the movie will probably find it hilarious. Use your power wisely.


And good LORD did Jim butcher (yay for real-life Tom Swiftys!) the spelling of my name. XD