The Ice Queen (2014)

Are people born supervillains, or do they have supervillainy thrust upon them?

The Ice Queen is an original comedic web series about a supervillain support group and one woman’s struggle against the darker aspects of her nature.

Dr. Irena Daskalov is an accomplished scientist irritated by the unnecessary burden of ice-related superpowers. She fears her cold demeanor and calculating, ambitious tendencies could make her a prime supervillain, so she buries herself in philanthropic enterprises to stay firmly on the side of Good.  But when Dr. Brittany decides she’s not “heroing” correctly and abducts her into St. Lord Valiant’s Rehabilitation Center For Extranormal Villainy, Irena’s repressed nature comes screaming to the fore. Which will prevail–her conscience or her desire for freedom?



  • Writer/Director/Producer/Production Designer: Priscilla Spencer
  • Director of Photography: Seth Wessel-Estes
  • Editor/Sound Designer: Mark Burwick
  • Assistant Director: Teresa Jusino (ep 1)
  • Sound Recordist: Roxanne Brando (ep 0), Adam Hunalt (ep 1)
  • Gaffer: John Elkin (ep 1)
  • 1st AC: Melissa Spencer (ep 0)


  • Dr. Irena Daskalov — Deanna Noe
  • Dr. Brittany — Nikki Glick
  • Mel Sykes — Maya Sayre
  • Jack Rocksoff — Gavin Lee
  • Magda Yu — Jasmine Kaur