Yeah, so I fail at NaBloPoMo. I was too busy this weekend having a fantastic time with my aunt and uncle to write blog entries! We attended two spectacular Broadway shows, Gypsy (with the extraordinary Patti LuPone) and Chekov’s The Seagull, and spent Saturday afternoon at the MoMA.

Regarding Gypsy, I find it hilarious that two of the most “upbeat” audition songs I know, “Everything’s Comin’ Up Roses” and “Cabaret,” are sung by women fighting not to break down in despair.

Regarding MoMA, SO MUCH JOY! They’re doing a special exhibition on Van Gogh’s paintings of night scenes, and my faith in “Starry Night” has been restored! I first saw “Starry Night” in person when I was a senior in high school, and I was crushed to see it was so much smaller than I imagined. Note that this came the year after I saw the Rosetta Stone in person, which I’d imagined as a 2001-esque monolith. It was like learning Santa wasn’t real. Anyway, since then, the shock made me misremember the size of “Starry Night” as being much smaller than it actually was, so when I saw it again, I was overjoyed. YES, that’s how big “Starry Night” should be! It’s perfect! Three cheers for confusing the brain with unreasonable expectations! Now if only the Mona Lisa and “Persistence of Memory” would follow suit.

Anyway, yay for getting to spend time with my aunt and uncle! Best relatives ever. Don’t try to argue, because you will be wrong.

Part 2 of Doctor Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog is up, and if you’re anything like me, you’ve spent the past two days incessantly humming the delightfully catchy music from part 1. Having realized that trying to watch the episodes over and over at work could become problematic, I clipped out the songs from parts 1 and 2, for my listening enjoyment.

Grab ’em if you want them, with one caveat: if/when Joss releases an official CD, buy it. Support Joss and Nathan and NPH and Felicia and all the folks that gave their time for free to create this gem of a production. Don’t be lame!

If you Girl Scout pinky-promise to be un-lame, download here! Zipped .mp3s, 10.6MB.

Track List:

  1. Doctor Horrible Intro
  2. With My Freeze Ray
  3. Bad Horse Letter #1
  4. Will You
  5. Will You Reprise
  6. A Man’s Gotta Do
  7. A Man’s Gotta Do Reprise
  8. I Cannot Believe My Eyes
  9. Bad Horse Letter #2
  10. Story of a Girl
  11. Brand New Day

I’ll do the same for part 3 when it’s posted on the 19th.

Saw part I of Doctor Horrible with Tanja and Rebecca this morning. BRILLIANCE. Go see it, now!

And tonight, we have (cheap student) tickets to Spring Awakening! Clearly, today is a day for fabulousness and musicals.

Welcome to Things I Can’t Believe I Haven’t Blogged About!

  • My parents came to town this past weekend. A splendid time was had by all, and now my room finally looks like someone actually lives there! Huzzah!
  • Friday night, I took my parents and my aunt to see Curtains, which was all kinds of fun. Boo to the haters!
  • Sunday morning, we participated in this Obama event. T’was fun! We were all part of the first A. Some photos on the event’s facebook site: Mah Daddy! And big panorama: I’m just to the left of center (hurr!), in a red sweater. The video should be up later today. I’ll post it when it becomes available.
  • Got a ticket to Flight of the Conchords! Envy me!
  • The first Dresden Files comic came out Wednesday, and it’s AWESOME. I could get a sense of how it would work earlier on, reading the script alongside looking at the images, but it’s somehow a completely different experience to see it all put together. It’s a really solid piece of work, and I’m so thrilled to be involved in the project! I can definitely see it drawing new fans in, and the existing fans will love it.
  • YAY. A mixup on Wednesday that had the potential to get very ugly was resolved yesterday with minimal drama and fuss. What a relief!

Stuff that is Great:

Upcoming Awesomeness from Disney/Pixar, in further detail!

J.K. Rowling and the Courtroom of Muggles

Brian Dettmer: insanely creative and gorgeous book autopsies

Makani finished her gorgeous Deathly Hallows illustration of Bella about to Sweeney Hermione.

Scoop on upcoming Tori Amos comic

Near-Impossible Mario Hack

Doctor Who April Fools’ Joke

Adipose Plushie! I want one! It and Squidaped Oyt can be BFFs.

Blee, the Sweeney Todd trailer is out! Grab a direct download in deliciously high-res from Film Ick. The little views we get into musical numbers like “Poor Thing,” “Pirelli’s Miracle Elixir,” “Epiphany,” and “By the Sea” make me even more gleeful about Tim Burton’s translation. Is it January yet?