From Twitter 03-30-2011

  • 00:06:30: RT @tara_oshea: This Muppet diorama is BEYOND AMAZING:
  • 00:11:56: I’m #reading Machine of Death by Ryan North
  • 00:21:32: @seananmcguire I am imagining Thomas’ extreme puffiness devouring the remote. It also digests coins and missing socks.
  • 08:15:59: @feliciaday Like the guys 10+ yrs older than my maximum age bracket who contact me anyway. Don’t think they’re reading the specs.
  • 08:18:24: RT @feliciaday: LOL! 60 Completely Unusable Stock Photos: Pics, Videos, Links, News (via @ryon_d)
  • 08:19:04: @feliciaday …I want to write articles around some of those stock photos, starting with Gingham Hitler.
  • 08:22:44: I can hear @seananmcguire squeeing from here: Machete-shooting rifle-slingshot (via @donttrythis)
  • 08:28:31: RT @Harkaway: Genius. “Authors will become like Tamagotchi.” (via @neilayres) #futureofthebook
  • 08:30:19: Today is Wednesday, yes? We’re all in agreement? Let’s go, then.
  • 09:34:35: RT @cleolinda: RT @daisy_razor: Actual Wonder Woman costume, via @antheia. Bottom’s better, top still tragic.
  • 09:55:25: Must-see for Doctor Who fans, via @MickeydotFinn
  • 09:56:41: It’s like a Dalek built by the Professor on Gilligan’s Island! (Someone please write this crossover NOW.)
  • 10:07:53: My Conversation Over Breakfast: #zombies #lightsabers
  • 10:17:23: “Potentially four people getting shot today.” –my supervisor
  • 10:24:59: RT @BronxZoosCobra: Thinking about seeing “How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying.” That Daniel Radcliffe really speaks to me. …
  • 10:37:50: There is an abandoned cat on the fire escape next to our building. It’s been howling all today and yesterday. Wha
  • 10:38:45: RT @neiltyson: Evidence my 14yr old daughter is geek-literate: In lieu of OK, one might type K while texting. She instead typed “Potassium”
  • 10:48:06: Calling the restaurant next door to see if the cat belongs to one of their employees. #CatRescueNYC
  • 10:58:22: Preeeeeetty sure this woman forgot she put me on hold.
  • 11:03:12: Hmm. I don’t see the cat out there now. It looks like there’s a plate where it was–maybe someone was feeding it?
  • 11:04:57: Shall swing by around lunch and ask what’s up.
  • 11:10:15: RT @hodgman: I am hoping the daily show still has my pinstripe emergency suit in the emergency suit locker.
  • 11:28:36: RT @neilhimself: For those of you puzzled about what I’m talking about, read the comments, as the author loses it then loses everything …
  • 11:42:03: @ShannonKButcher Jim Butcher’s Victory Cookies: powdered sugar, shortening, peppermint extract, egg, vanilla, flour, Burger King…
  • 12:24:23: @ShannonKButcher Burger AND peppermint AND cake donut? Your stomach is made of stronger stuff than mine.
  • 12:25:12: New Doctor Who trailer! #omgwant #isitEasteryet?
  • 12:27:34: RT @newyorkmongoose: If you see @BronxZoosCobra, you tell me. I mongoose. I got Metrocard.
  • 12:55:53: I’m cackling as I write. Watch out. #planningplansschemingschemes
  • 13:41:39: RT @kellya309: If laughing at this makes me a bad person, so be it. Top Ten: Trendy GQ Douchebags via @shoutsatcows
  • 17:35:21: RT @JustinDJacobson: I see an RPG design contest… Design a game around one of these “unusable stock photos” as your cover piece. http: …
  • 17:36:07: via @lifehacker, The powerful, mystical Spotlight. On steroids.
  • 19:54:28: Watching Monday’s #Castle. Alexis can’t go to the Angelika because she’s spending the day in the Village? The Angelika is IN the Village!
  • 20:39:20: RT @GerryDuggan: RT @JennyMcCarthy Tell me some of your can’t live with out products that u have used with your kids /// I’m happy with …
  • 20:44:02: @fredhicks “Wandering duo of Mormon gals” sounds like the subject of a folk ballad.
  • 20:50:57: RT @SalaciousScribe: @JamesUrbaniak performs Rebecca Black’s “Friday” w/ @paulandstorm & @wilw at “Wil Wheaton vs. Paul and Storm” http: …
  • 21:00:30: RT @byharryconnolly: This here? Uncool. Author decides to sell his book online, discovers it’s already on
  • 21:02:18: @fredhicks Are you pondering what I’m pondering?
  • 23:31:24: via @viennateng, an historical cookbook of an imaginary island nation on @kickstarter! This guy needs to meet @hodgman.
  • 23:35:53: Dear Priscilla, You are NOT ALLOWED to put the WISE MAN’S FEAR audiobook on your iPod because you are NOT ALLOWED to reread it yet. Love, me

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Standard Breakfast Conversation at Launch:

Me: This big bagel-cutting knife made me think of this video I watched this morning of a guy who invented a slingshot rifle that shoots machetes.

Kevin: What use would that be?

Me: Defending against the inevitable zombie invasion, probably. I’d want him on my side.

Kevin: That doesn’t sound very efficient. I mean, you could probably take out a small part of the horde, but what happens when the zombies got closer?

Me: Then you’d have a lot of machetes. Machetes are an excellent weapon against zombies.

Kevin: That’s true. Okay, he can be on our team. But I still think the best weapon would be a lightsaber. Zombies are no match for lightsabers.

Me: I don’t know. If you had zombies and lightsabers, you’re just asking for the creation of a bunch of Sith Lords. Fear of zombies is the path to the Dark Side.

Kevin: *snort*

Me: Fear of zombies leads to anger at zombies, and anger at zombies leads to hatred of zombies. Hate leads to everyone suffering because of the zombies.

Linda (who is getting married in July): See? This is why 3D people need to marry 3D people. So we can have these conversations without the other person sighing and going away.

From Twitter 03-29-2011

  • 07:24:36: @myyrdneopia Freaking ow, dude?
  • 07:32:00: RT @shortyawards: “Oscars of Twitter” Announce 3rd Annual Shorty Awards Winners
  • 07:41:25: @byharryconnolly How cool! Think he’d be cool with you posting it when he’s done? I’m curious to see how it looks.
  • 07:42:42: @Julie_Butcher We should! *hastens to make you chowder* What happened?
  • 08:10:07: RT @violetinbloom: If there’s an age-related equivalent term to “whitewashing,” now is the time for it. #disneyru …
  • 08:13:23: RT @viennateng: “In the present-day economy of time, the relative value of whitespace has gone way down” -@tanthalas
  • 08:20:23: RT @rpohancenik: Rt @PD_Smith “There should exist a special typographical sign for a smile – some sort of concave mark, a supine round b …
  • 09:59:31: Can’t wait to see what @longshotauthor & Pat Rothfuss (& @antonstrout?) have to say at Babel Clash this week!
  • 10:04:18: RT @ravenofoctober: Dinosaur Comics – NOT ENOUGH GAY SEXING
  • 10:14:07: RT @astro_paolo: Ciao to everyone @ShortyAwards from the ISS, here’s a picture of Manhattan I took specially for you
  • 10:15:02: @astro_paolo @ShortyAwards How cool, thank you! *waves at my apartment*
  • 10:46:27: RT @whedonesque: Don’t forget that Dollhouse returns in comic book form this week with the brand new story “Dollhouse: Epitaphs” http: …
  • 10:57:49: RT @nkjemisin: Dear Hollywood, how’s that whole bigotry thing working out for you? Over at Epiphany:
  • 11:00:36: @byharryconnolly Alas, his genius shall remain undiscovered by the outside world until he is ready to claim his due accolades!
  • 11:02:39: @BabelClash Yup! I was responding to your “rumor” about Anton peering in from time to time. :D
  • 11:12:21: @myyrdneopia They’re back!
  • 11:36:56: Seven Things We Didn’t Know About Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog | TWoP
  • 12:08:56: RT @JmacDotOrg: Enjoyed this insight from pal Alex on the roots of why some men feel threatened by come-ons, even in Dragon Age http://b …
  • 12:15:47: RT @byharryconnolly: Good news revealed: Twenty Palaces gets an omnibus edition from the SFBC! –
  • 12:33:00: For the third time this month, I find myself waiting in gleeful anticipation of what Pat Rothfuss has to say. #nerdalert @BabelClash
  • 12:41:15: RT @msoeden: RT @HuffPostGreen: BP may face manslaughter charges
  • 12:43:02: RT @tederick: On SUCKER PUNCH: Why Ass-Kicking and Empowering Aren’t Always The Same Thing
  • 13:20:35: (w/r/t Creepy Wig Guy) Me: “I wonder if he names his wigs.” Bryan: “That is by far the creepiest thing I have ever heard you say.”
  • 13:20:46: Plannin’ plans, schemin’ schemes…
  • 14:12:21: Which of these egregious statements by Wal-Mart managers is most sexist? Vote in Wal-Mart Manager Madness: Sexist 16!
  • 14:35:03: RT @hijinksensue: 3eanuts is Garfield Minus Garfield for The Nietzsche Family Circus generation. #what
  • 15:25:40: RT @AnnLarimer: Libyan Woman Reportedly Sued By Her Rapists [Video] – thymindmaymove:
  • 15:36:14: Newt Gringrich believes USA will be “secular atheist country, dominated by radical Islamists.” How does that even work?
  • 15:54:26: RT @factlets: Of the 8 wounds to the head, the first 5 were probably not lethal. Battle of Towton, 1461.
  • 16:40:24: Mwahaha! Those plans I was planning and schemes I was scheming earlier today? They have been okayed! Shenanigannery is afoot.
  • 16:55:42: RT @neilhimself: This isn’t why I love @amandapalmer. But if I’d never met her, it might tip me over the edge:–GcThRqf
  • 23:15:56: Supreme Court: No damages for man wrongly sent to death row – // Appalling.
  • 23:41:29: Vote in EOnline’s Alpha Male Madness 2011: — Includes @NathanFillion, Matt Bomer, and the “Supernatural” boys!

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From Twitter 03-28-2011

  • 07:41:28: Saw @gillyperkygoth’s Sight!Murphy illustration again. Guh, it’s easily among my favorite DF fanart pieces. Check it!
  • 09:40:07: @longshotauthor I call that karma for all the times you’ve broken ours. :D Sleep well!
  • 10:19:38: RT @smuu: YAY!! A GIRL LEAD! Only took 13 movies: Pixar’s ‘Brave’: First Look art via @EW
  • 10:21:48: Yeesh, the heroine of Pixar’s “Brave” was originally to have been voiced by Reese Witherspoon? Thank goodness for “scheduling issues.” :D
  • 12:08:57: @camsmith25 Oh my gosh, I still haven’t! It was only in NY for like two weeks, so I missed it. *adds to Netflix queue liek woah*
  • 12:09:32: @camsmith25 What makes you think they’re on the same subject, though? Very little information has been disclosed about “Brave.”
  • 12:10:29: Hilarious Sherlock fanart: Sherlock Is A Vampire by ~leightonton @deviantart
  • 12:18:11: @camsmith25 Oh, come on. When you break them down to archetypes, 99% of all movies are the same story. I have faith in Pixar.
  • 13:10:13: RT @MickeydotFinn: Great chart comparing the 3 RT @EW: ‘Camelot’ vs. ‘Game of Thrones’ vs. ‘Borgias’: Which epic TV series is best for y …
  • 13:29:00: Today is my parents’ 30th anniversary. As time goes by, I realize more and more how extraordinary that is. Love you, Mom and Dad!
  • 13:31:11: RT @nkjemisin: More anti-abortion racism. RT @4coloredgirls: Obama Featured On Chicago Anti-Abortion Billboards Targeting Black people h …
  • 13:38:35: RT @byharryconnolly: Is your company going bankrupt? Closing stores? Here. have 8mil in bonuses, Borders execs – GalleyCat
  • 14:52:36: RT @NathanFillion: My thanks for all the birthday wishes. Rather than think of me as 40, think of me as Nathan 4.0
  • 14:52:58: RT @FakeAPStylebook: there/their/they’re – What, seriously? This confuses you? #GreatestHits
  • 15:29:55: Fascinating: How a differential gear works —
  • 17:16:23: Coworkers recording temporary voice over for a war-themed toy ad. Occasional cries of “FIRE!” probably not endearing us to our neighbors.
  • 18:58:52: @GameOfThrones I’m on my way! Hope you don’t run out in the next 20 minutes. :D
  • 19:58:32: Where do we submit our answers to the folding game, @GameOfThrones?
  • 20:00:47: (Yes, I am one of two people the @GameOfThrones truck crew saw outwit a piece of paper. My parents must be so proud. :D)
  • 20:55:49: RT @gypsyjr, @tara_oshea: TRUFAX: The Middleman: America’s Doctor Who? // YES
  • 20:57:59: Intellect and romance over brute force and cynicism!
  • 22:31:20: Delish! Thanks, @gameofthrones! Wish I’d arrived before the lemon cakes ran out. :D

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From Twitter 03-27-2011

  • 00:33:57: RT @qikipedia: RT @weebiloobil ‘Forty’ is the only number in the English language to have all its letters in alphabetical order
  • 00:35:12: @whedonesque You might want to keep in mind not everyone has read “Float Out” yet.
  • 00:58:39: @seananmcguire Just read Jessica’s posts. Good for you for standing up for what’s right! Hope you can find another venue for your story.
  • 09:59:36: RT @NikNoey: I love this. Good times, good times.
  • 10:38:54: RT @vampirecowboys: Tonight we officially open AGENT G! Time to blow some shit up!… // Bringing all my friends 4/2!
  • 10:43:16: @longshotauthor Yeah, Ardian was fantastic. He freaking NAILED the Dresdenverse. Well, except for Carmichael’s tonsure. :D
  • 10:43:32: @longshotauthor And Murphy occasionally being six feet tall. :D
  • 10:46:30: @boymonster Man, that is ringing a bell HARD, but the bell is buried in swamp sludge, and I can’t make out the sound…
  • 10:48:01: Nomming some truly disappointing zucchini bread. Ah, Union Square green market, thou giveth and thou taketh away.
  • 10:53:04: @boymonster Ah, yes! I suspect he was blue because he sucked all the joy out of the universe. Who wouldn’t jump at the chance to visit NZ?
  • 10:55:00: @boymonster I remember the look on your face: “Here, let me get out of the elevator to make way for @AllisonMack. …GOD, WHAT HAVE I DONE?”
  • 10:56:53: @boymonster You could’ve helped insulate @AllisonMack from those fratboy jerks. Never have I seen a woman so desperate to leave an elevator.
  • 11:15:31:’s WOTD is “jimjams,” meaning “jitters.” Don’t people also use it to mean pajamas? Hmm, I guess that’s “jim jams” or “jim-jams.”
  • 11:24:54: @stellamortis “Jim jams” is what happens when the Butcher family plays Rock Band.
  • 12:12:04: Vote for @longshotauthor’s CHANGES in Round 2 of the BSC Book Tournament!
  • 20:58:08: @fredhicks “Sir Ian” has a bunch of videos, but Ducktales is by far my favourite!
  • 21:11:27: More freaking gorgeous Dresden Files fanart from Mika Merrylark!
  • 21:27:39: RT @ezraklein: “if [we] eliminated the $1 bill and replaced it with the $1 coin, the country could save roughly $5.5 billion.” http://yh …
  • 21:30:22: @RobJDurand We have no idea what you’re talking about.
  • 21:31:54: @myyrdneopia *snuggles mapful Alera paperbacks* *I guess PF can come, too*
  • 21:49:49: RT @laughingsquid: Man Inserts 2747 Toothpicks Into His Beard // I wonder if Rothfuss has ever tried this.
  • 21:53:40: RT @byharryconnolly: Charlie Brooker on Rebecca Black’s “Friday” and the scumbag cyberbullies on Twitter who viciously attacked her. htt …
  • 21:54:07: RT @KatherineBook: Best tweet ever. RT @TheBronxZoo: We’re confident that our missing cobra has not left the Reptile House.
  • 21:55:26: @RobJDurand @AnneSowards I know someone who makes maps… #notthesamething #tryingtoohard
  • 21:57:45: @gillyperkygoth Pretty much everything about BatMurphy is fun. :D
  • 22:06:45: @gillyperkygoth Yay! Can’t wait to see the finished image!
  • 22:21:53: I haz a cheese. *nibbles*
  • 22:35:29: @sherlockbones Vivace, from the Union Square green market. Omnom!

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From Twitter 03-26-2011

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From Twitter 03-25-2011

  • 08:22:20: Faceful-of-Aerosolized-Lye-Infused Dreams: Katy Pfaffl died, and I was cast as Smurfette in Smurfs on Ice on Broadway. Yay breathing poison!
  • 10:15:21: “They worshipped the Holy Trinity of the Brothers Jonas and the double-faceted goddesses Hannah and Miley.” (cont)
  • 11:34:45: 5 of 5 stars to The Woman Warrior by Maxine Hong Kingston
  • 12:39:17: According to its “What’s New” video, #fx4 protects us from browser crabs! Thank goodness.
  • 12:47:37: Just donated to @MollyCrabapple’s Kickstarter project: ‘I Have Your Heart’ – A Short Animated Film:
  • 13:50:31: DEAR GOD NO. My favorite restaurant in NY, Mara’s Homemade, is closing at the end of April. THE WORLD IS TERRIBLE.
  • 13:51:09: How many times can I eat there in a month without getting diabetes? Because I will go there that many times, minus one. WAUGH.
  • 14:00:43: @stellamortis VISIT.
  • 15:44:55: @longshotauthor show us ur boobs!!!1! lol #insidejoke
  • 15:48:31: (Explanation: Jim said he’d never gotten a “show us your boobs!” comment. I told him I would rectify that. He does not need repetition. :D)
  • 16:10:29: @RobJDurand @antonstrout @sheckyx You should join us, Anton! It’s New York, so it counts as research.
  • 18:13:56: It crushed my heart when I figured out these were fake. Damn you, @Harkaway!
  • 18:18:49: I assumed the giraffe was fake in the first ad, but that “photos” page had me going. The photos on the About page were obviously shopped.
  • 18:26:29: RT @qikipedia: OED endorses OMG, LOL, IMHO, TMI, FYI & WAG. Surprisingly, OMG dates back to 1917
  • 18:52:27: @Harkaway I looked at the Photos page and boggled for about two min, until I’d convinced myself it was real. Then I squeed to my coworkers.
  • 18:54:00: @Harkaway Then I went to the About page, and saw the giraffe in the person’s hands didn’t look right. The rapturous joy threatened to dim.
  • 18:54:56: @Harkaway Then I saw the “historic” photos, and my heart sank.
  • 18:55:08: @Harkaway I blame you because your tweet gave the link the credibility I needed to believe it in the first place. :D
  • 19:56:33: Dear USPS, Why do I have a confirmation email saying you picked up my package when it’s still downstairs? In eternal rage, Priscilla
  • 21:13:34: @mkcho73 WTF? Ticketmaster announced a while back they’d be doing away with that practice and letting you know everything upfront. #liars
  • 21:45:01: RT @doronjosama: WAT. Scott Adams Addresses Men’s Rights Activism, Backhandedly Insults Everyone Everywhere via @The
  • 22:50:44: RT @catvalente: Don’t forget to nominate for the Hugos! Deadline manana.
  • 23:21:46: Finally got around to watching ALIEN! As in, for the first time. Most excellent! Nice to have that gap in my pop cultural knowledge filled.
  • 23:39:11: RT @JaneEspenson: OMG. It’s like a dream. RT @BryanCogman Game of Thrones food trucks by Tom Colicchio. Fantastic. www.makinggameofthr …

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From Twitter 03-24-2011

  • 00:00:51: I love it when comic writers include hilarious comments in the stage directions. It’s like an Easter Egg for those involved in the project!
  • 00:02:01: On that note, if you haven’t watched the SDCC table read for the unaired episode of MIDDLEMAN, you need to. Stage directions are HILARIOUS.
  • 00:06:05: Rereading the Chauncy scene from FM. Post-CHANGES, I wonder just how much he knew…
  • 00:16:14: @NikNoey Yeah, that much was clear. I’m thinking specifically about stuff we learned in Changes. :D
  • 00:45:50: Another day, another huge stack of tasks I didn’t get to.
  • 00:53:54: @ZeroGain Now I want to write a story about “Cosmo Jaconelli: Barber to the Mob.”
  • 07:48:06: RT @qikipedia: Buzz Aldrin received Holy Communion on the moon
  • 08:10:32: Victoria Jackson’s screed against #Glee kiss: Love how the network is airing the kiss ON REPEAT as she whines.
  • 08:17:18: BTW, Victoria Jackson, take a gander at this clip from The West Wing:
  • 08:18:53: There is great wisdom in the Bible, but those who quote it (or any religious text) must recognize it is not perfectly in sync with society.
  • 08:19:49: To be a citizen of the world, with passions and opinions, critical thinking is required.
  • 08:30:00: @nkjemisin I look forward to Arizona introducing a bill allowing citizens to stone witches in public parks.
  • 09:45:26: Today is Burger Day on @grouponnyc. I will have one of everything, please.
  • 09:47:44: @SheckyX Exactly. That’s what I mean by “There is great wisdom in the Bible.” :D
  • 10:02:51: Today’s WOTD is “toothsome,” meaning agreeable, sexually attractive, or delicious. It does not sound like it means what it means.
  • 10:49:06: Hell hath no fury like a model scorned:
  • 11:29:01: RT @stellamortis: Cool. The headline stuck the musi …
  • 11:45:31: Today, I was reminded of the fact that @WriteRCastle follows @longshotauthor. I love this geeky world I live in.
  • 11:46:53: @WriteRCastle should invite @longshotauthor to poker. @TerriEdda?
  • 12:06:17: *boggles*
  • 12:25:04: Your Daily Vile: Emily Browning, on SUCKER PUNCH censoring:
  • 12:51:50: NYC’s 11 Best Food Trucks, from burgers to dumplings to sweets:
  • 13:24:15: Once again, I am impressed at how committed Dynamite is to getting the Dresden comics RIGHT. The series is in great hands.
  • 13:32:59: Thanks to my coworkers, I am mentally filking Peggy Lee’s version of “Fever” to be about zombies. Don’t ask why. That’s just how it is.
  • 14:54:36: RT @MickeydotFinn: RT @gregpak: Nazgûl Alert: GOP Bill Would Cut Off Food Stamps To Entire Families If One Member Strikes… …
  • 14:58:08: RT @leverus: Also: The Magician King will be published on August 9
  • 14:58:21: RT @seananmcguire: I apologize for last year when I got Persephone and Hades marriage counseling. It seemed like a good idea. Now I’m …
  • 15:01:18: @holajupiter I only knew who Victoria Jackson was because she was in an X-Files episode.
  • 16:57:54: RT @GeorgeBray: Your mobile phone has more computing power than all of NASA in 1969. NASA launched a man to the moon. We launch a bird i …
  • 17:36:47: Did Michelle Bachmann endorse a candidate for President and announce her bid to run for the same office on the same day? 2012 will be fun!
  • 17:37:57: Oh, never mind. Totally misread an article headline. It was Bachmann’s former Chief of Staff who endorsed someone else. :D
  • 18:44:34: Friend of yours, @sergeantmurphy?
  • 20:19:39: Tried to clean my oven. My apartment is now a noxious wasteland, and I feel like I’ve burned my lungs. Waiting in hall for fumes to recede.
  • 20:22:42: My oven better be freaking SPOTLESS after all this, Easy-Off, or we’re going to have WORDS. Assuming I my vocal cords haven’t corroded away.
  • 20:32:18: I hope it’s not actually a problem if I leave the Easy-Off for more than 5 minutes. Not ready to risk reentering my apartment yet.
  • 20:34:18: RT @danielradosh: Westboro just picks whatever’s trending & jumps in the spotlight. Would protest Rebecca Black except everyone would ac …
  • 20:36:54: Feeling a little lightheaded. If I die, @ksmccarthy24 gets all my books. (If it looks like I was murdered, it was probably @ksmccarthy24.)
  • 20:40:24: RT @boymonster: Word: @wilw I wish everyone going to the Charlie Sheen Tour would skip it and donate the ticket price to a battered wome …
  • 20:41:53: @RobJDurand @NikNoey Wonderfalls was canceled after FOUR EPISODES aired.
  • 20:43:52: Okay, it’s been about 20 minutes. I’m going in!
  • 21:33:56: Oven: Scoured. Dinner: Microwaved. Lungs: Intact. Community: Watched.
  • 21:35:39: RT @mental_floss: In 1994, the US Postal Service said mushroom cloud stamps would be issued to mark 50 years since WWII. Japan protested …
  • 21:40:53: RT @laughingsquid: Charon, A New Kinetic Sculpture by Peter Hudson
  • 21:41:20: RT @NathanFillion: “@tradertiki: …my wife and I just named our son Malcolm Reynolds….” He will be amazing & adored, then Fox will ca …
  • 21:43:50: RT @herdivineshadow: BBC News – North-east Burma hit by two 7.0 magnitude earthquakes
  • 21:46:07: @gillyperkygoth Woohoo, congrats!
  • 21:52:37: RT @byharryconnolly: For once, an essay on ebook pricing worth reading.
  • 22:02:54: Periodic Table of Fictional Materials: Am I predictable for immediately seeking out Wonderflonium?
  • 22:15:14: Great review of WHEDONISTAS from
  • 22:54:57: Called my parents and told them about the oven. Mom told me to use baking soda in the future. Shall re-clean oven before using it to cook.
  • 23:43:00: @viennateng If you figure it out, can you let me know? I suspect it involves DeLoreans.

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From Twitter 03-23-2011

  • 00:19:11: Animation class attended an Israeli film festival, then went to a super classy bar with “trailer” in the name. I
  • 00:24:01: I lie. I am not druuuuunk. I am tiiiiipsy. The only time I’ve gotten properly druuuunk was on my 25th birthday. Bring me water and bread!
  • 00:42:20: RT @CoryBooker: “When someone tells me “no,” it doesn’t mean I can’t do it, it simply means I can’t do it with them.” Karen E. Quinones …
  • 00:44:22: I have the drunk!hiccups. I’m talking Disney animated drunk!hiccups. It’s kind of adorable, actually.
  • 08:07:18: RT @psychwrites: And why wasn’t I told we made the Sunday funnies?
  • 08:08:44: RT @cleolinda: RT @lovelyrita_mm: RT: @WSJ: Lead actress in “Spider-Man” injured in battle scene (5th cast memb …
  • 08:10:58: @seananmcguire HAIL THE NON-DEADNESS OF THE PUMPKIN QUEEN!
  • 08:16:36: RT @cleolinda: RT @drgrist: Dude threw on scuba gear, jumped into a TSUNAMI, found his house & his wife, & saved her. I mean, damn. http …
  • 08:21:32: RT @anglophile80: RT @LiteraTec: Here you go, guys: :) // AWESOME!!! :D
  • 08:23:12: RT @UrsulaV: Really, there comes a point where the villains deserve to win because the hero is dumber’n a sack of wet mice.
  • 08:24:51: RT @cleolinda: RT @MYMHM: RIAA sues LimeWire for more money than actually exists in the whole world –
  • 09:51:05: RT @amandahess, @byharryconnolly Wear a rape joke for $11.99 (plus shipping) // Pure vileness.
  • 10:24:29: Feeling off-kilter. I thought Liz Taylor died months ago.
  • 10:25:55: My grandmother a lot looked like her when she was young, and I remember being unnerved at the idea of a woman my grandma so resembled dying.
  • 10:26:11: Maybe I dreamed it?
  • 10:27:02: So yeah. Off-kilter.
  • 10:40:23: SQUEE! Next week: Jim Butcher (@longshotauthor) and Pat Rothfuss guest blog together at Borders’ Babel Clash!
  • 10:47:44: @boymonster I look forward to a blend of intriguing discussion and shameless fanboying. :D
  • 10:50:12: @MadHatterReview Epic like a TRILOGY.
  • 10:51:01: Proposed group noun: “an apocalypse of trilogies.”
  • 11:00:40: @boymonster A mortgage of heptologies. A doctorate of dodecologies.
  • 11:05:28: From “American Tongues,” The odd accent of Tangier, VA:
  • 13:01:33: I want to eat everything and nothing.
  • 15:22:14: Huzzah, Apple pulled the homophobic app! Took them long enough…
  • 15:53:33: RT @TIMENewsFeed: You probably haven’t heard of this yet. ‘Hipster’ is now an ambiance, says Yelp |
  • 17:03:44: RT @adampknave: Sentences that only make sense on twitter: Every time I say “vagina,” robots start following me!
  • 17:03:56: RT @Pres_Bartlet: I just proposed a bill declaring pi to be exactly delicious.
  • 17:08:26: NOW Backs Up Sarah Palin: What’s the Catch? via @The_Stir
  • 18:37:47: RT @cracked: The 8 Most Ridiculously Badass Protesters Ever Photographed:
  • 18:38:39: RT @fredhicks: High school class sets off nuclear explosion
  • 19:06:48: Check out this BRILLIANT mock ad campaign for the Smithsonian:
  • 21:16:52: Just finished DOWNTON ABBEY, which was EXCELLENT. I’m thrilled to see there will be a second series!
  • 21:22:27: BTW, for those on the westerly side of the pond, DOWNTON ABBEY is available on Netflix Instant. See Maggie Smith being brilliant!
  • 21:31:51: @xiehicks Oh no! The whole house is in quarantine! I hope you’re all back on your feet soon.
  • 21:34:38: @xiehicks @ShannonKButcher A big poofy dress and a gun! Sounds like the recipe for one heck of a party. :D
  • 21:55:19: RT @ApocalypseHow: BREAKING: Stephen Hawking Trashes “Good Morning America” Dressing Room After Being Asked Question About Astrophysics
  • 22:04:08: RT @GrammarGirl: This magazine cover desperately needs a comma! (via @SarahFowler) // I howled with laughter!
  • 22:29:27: Roommate’s boyfriend is trying to play “Frère Jacques” on his cellphone keypad for her over Skype. Think H.G. Wells could’ve predicted that?
  • 22:39:44: A Dresden Files fan is selling her STORM FRONT comic posters (w/ gorgeous art by Ardian Syaf) to raise money for Japan:
  • 23:34:27: In 11 years, Marcone’s hair went from salt-and-pepper grey to dark w/ silver at temples. Pact with a supernatural
    entity or Clairol for Men?
  • 23:41:53: @Esperacchius “I’m not just a broker of pacts with supernatural entities. I’m also a beneficiary!”
  • 23:55:02: What are you playing at, stomach? I fed you the appropriate quantity of food at the appropriate hour. You should not be rumbling.

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From Twitter 03-22-2011

  • 00:06:48: I am about to spend a truly ridiculous amount of money on a truly amazing seat to see COMPANY with NPH and every awesome thespian ever.
  • 00:10:22: Order placed! No regrets!
  • 01:12:13: RT @MoveOn House votes to deny all federal funding to NPR. Tell the Senate that’s unacceptable.
  • 09:48:41: Thank you, massive @Audible_com sale, for yet another opportunity for me to give you all my money for fantastic books!
  • 10:56:23: Vote in the BSC 5th Annual Book Tournament! Includes folks like @longshotauthor, @SeananMcGuire, and @BrandSanderson:
  • 11:03:02: RT @terryandrob: Wanted – for the next book – a fan who can speak Tibetan. And no, we’re not joking. Please let us know…
  • 14:23:42: RT @Dark_Puck: RT @scottsigler: Fun quote from Cory Doctorow: “Fanfic is crap?Tell that to the authors of My Fair Lady and West Side Story.”
  • 16:14:29: RT @riverheadbooks: Jon Stewart bantering with Sarah Vowell is quality entertainment! Watch Sarah on The Daily Show discussing her new.. …
  • 16:33:07: RT @laura_hudson: Seriously, you guys: Fuck Todd Goldman. And fuck David and Goliath tees.
  • 16:38:14: RT @racebending: Actors invited to audition for Kaneda and Tetsuo in @wbpictures ‘s #AKIRA. Big surprise: All of them are white. htt …
  • 16:39:39: @feliciaday Is “Babycakes” named for the @neilhimself story? Because I may need to support their bakery on principle.
  • 16:47:21: RT @Techland: YouTube creates person finder to help Japanese victims |
  • 17:01:53: WOW. Via @Techland: This man knows what you did five minutes ago |
  • 17:54:18: RT @laughingsquid: – @Firefox 4 has just been released

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