Holy cow! Yesterday it was 51, and today it’s 62! A sign of the apocalypse? You bet your booty.

Ah, well. We can enjoy the next few days before the world ends without the necessity of hats and gloves and three layers of clothing.

Tori is awesome! She made caps of the first half of her Filipino-captioned boot of RotK. I converted them to .jpg and posted them here. Enjoy textual proof of exactly what Merry and Pippin were smoking, Gandalf with an insufferably huge ego, Gollum channelling my mom, Pippin waxing Catholic, creepy and unwanted Denethor/Pippin evilness, character death, evil trees, and hints at Legolas’ marshmellow kink.

I pity the poor translator (already with a clearly limited grasp of English) attempting to translate Billy’s accent. :D

::snorks:: This is even better than people suggesting Dobby looks like Vladmir Putin.

Meanwhile, it just occurred to me that “Kilt!Billy” could be construed as a pun on “Kill Bill.”

To make this post not worthless: Daniel of the Endless, from Sandman. Photomanip. Playing around with styles for consideration for a class project. Mmm, boredom.

Happy Leap Day, kids!

Hah! I found this earlier last week, and I was going to post it yesterday, but I forgot.

Happy Froday!

(is it bad that Frodo really doesn’t look that bad in a dress?)

So who else is completely psyched up for tomorrow? :D

There’s an LJ meme going around where people are linking to entries they made exactly one year ago. Because I so rarely update my LJ, here’s a link to the equivalent in my blog. No entries for Feb 28th, 2002, but there’s a couple for Feb 27th, and here’s Feb 28th, 2001.

::points and laughs at my 3-years-ago self::

*cackles* My friend Tori has a Filipino boot of Return of the King, complete with fabulously Engrish subtitles. She capped this for me because she is such a fabulously cool person. Thank you, Tori! *schnoogles*

Any chance of more in the future? *puppy dog eyes*

Shame on you, Kerry. Just when I was getting to the point where I felt I could stomach supporting you, there’s this.