It’s silly and childish but it amuses me.

Priscilla is:

  • Elvis’ wife

  • Queen of the Desert

  • a New York-based interpreter of a wide variety of contemporary songwriters

  • a seller of wedding gowns

  • a magnificient soprano and sensitive dynamic performer

  • writer or historical/western/romance novels

  • dispenser of free crochet patterns

  • JRR Tolkien’s daughter

  • a children’s book author

  • honored as Teacher of the Year by the Ontario Council of Teachers of English

  • an artist disturbingly obsessed with shoes

  • award-winning PBS Television Yoga Instructor

  • “Where fun and fantasy meet”, specializing in lingerie and bondage

  • a spunky, edgy, emotional singer/songwriter with indie rock sensibilities

  • a religious fanatic
  • (Gah, originally posted this in Sgt. Pepper. Yeep!)

    Woo! Got Renata and Jia-Ling’s packages sorted out and sent (you wouldn’t believe what you have to go through to get stuff shipped to Malaysia! XD), and got Alicey’s b-day present shipped.

    Renata, apologies for super-lateness! I promised you “Guards! Guards!” back in February! Bad Priscellie. I’ll send you your belated birthday present in two weeks. I hope you can put two and two together regarding what happens for me in two weeks! Otherwise, it’ll just have to be a surprise for you. Jia, hope you like your book! If so, I expect fanart. XD I’m too evil for my own good. Alicey, you rock and you deserve it. Go you.

    As it turns out, I’m getting to bring Jimmy/Ford/Hex to New York! Go me! Now Brenna, Alicey, and Britt will get the proper cards they deserve, and I’ll actually be able to finish Tanja’s anniversary card. Hurrah!

    I’m in a good mood, because things are getting accomplished. After an hour of being tortured to near-death by a certain sister who needs me to model the clothes she’s made, I’m on my own. Bookshop, Alphagraphics, post office… and now to go off in search of shorts! Hurrah! ::ticks things off checklist::

    Went to Marcelina’s (then Elizabeth’s) and saw “Waking Life”. Good golly, that movie was amazing. You’d have to see it once for the gorgeous animation and again for all the philosophy. Actually, maybe twice for the animation. Or more. That was some of the most gorgeous cinematography I’ve ever seen! A team of a couple dozen animators each animated an individual scene or sequence, to beautiful effect. You must see this movie. It probably won’t be very hard to find, as we rented it from Blockbuster. It’ll still be among the New Releases, probably. See this movie. Now.

    ::pokes Britt:: Why did I do this? No clue. I was bored. Meh.

    ethics/personal life:

    has a blog post ever got you into trouble? Yes. I lashed out at FictionAlley once (for a really stupid reason, too, but it meant a lot to me at the time), but fortunately Heidi and the gang are awesome people, and it was resolved. Not really trouble, persay.

    how many people do you know face-to-face who read your weblog? Marcelina, Lizziebeth, Ashley, and occasionally Chungy, Mimi, and Mrs. Felice

    have you met any of your regional (or even remote) bloggers? I’ve met Renata (plus Miriam and Trina), and I’m determined to meet Alicey this summer.

    how much is your weblog a part of your personal identity? do you feel like people who don’t know about your blog don’t really know you? Sometimes I feel like my friends online know me better than my friends IRL. I find it frankly terrifying when I learn that one of my IRL friends has discovered my blog.

    how has blogging changed your life? I’ve gotten much closer to my online friends and found a better way of expressing myself.


    do you know how to code at all? did you learn how to code by blogging? I’m fairly adept at HTML, but I didn’t learn it through blogging, certainly.

    what weblogging tool do you use and why? Both Blogger and LiveJournal. If I didn’t have the huge Blogger archives, I’d probably switch, as I love the title function and the comment stuff, but for the most part, I remain faithful. I heart Blogger, as I can host stuff on my own server and I don’t have to rely on LJ being up, which seems to be an increasingly rare occurrance.

    does the design seem like something that is just something that has to be dispensed with in order to be able to write publicly, or is your design an integral part of your writing and presentation? It just generally reflects what I find amusing at the time. Cows are nice. Definitely not integral, I’d say.

    how many times have you changed your weblog design entirely (or nearly so)? Once or twice. ::shrugs:: I’m currently working on a new layout, though. It’s not a huge priority.


    how many people would you guess (educated guess based on hit counts/logfiles) read your weblog on a weekly basis at least? Dear God, I have no idea. Well, no idea about my blog, at least. I have 44 on my “Friends” list, but I get hits from more than just those people. Dunno.

    what have you done to get more people to look at your site? Umm… offered pretty art?

    what one or two characteristics make a blog really popular? Witty commentary

    what really popular weblog do you think most deserves it…and/or least deserves it? Dunno. I’m rather amused at the LJ War between Our Heavenly Father and The Lord of Darkness, and it’s fun to observe the Sockpuppets, but mostly I just read up on my friends.

    how do you feel about your readership? what makes for a quality readership to you? I feel pretty good. I sometimes glare at the comment counts on Cassie’s LJ, which often reach the hundreds, but I feel good in general. Quality readers leave amusing comments. This sudden spate of AliceyComments is much appreciated!

    influence of other bloggers:

    what other blogger is most responsible for you starting your own weblog? I was first inspired by Renata‘s OpenDiary, but I gave up rather quickly. I started back up again with Kell‘s influence.

    who was the first other blogger (that you know of) who put you on their sidebar, and how did you feel? how did it influence your blogging? Kell, I think. I felt uberspecial! It always makes me feel better to see myself on another person’s sidebar. I had mild spaz attacks when I saw myself in Faith‘s and Sian‘s listings.

    what other blogger do you most admire for her writing skills? ::stares:: Erm… Cairnsy always seems to have something insightful to say, so I guess she’ll top my list there. Maybe Mooncalf.

    what other blogger do you most admire for her design skills? Rebecca‘s LJ layout is sheer brilliance! And Britt is pretty spiffy. Ooh! And Sian! I love her layouts.

    who is a blogger that you think is really good but doesn’t get nearly the attention they are worthy of? ::stares:: No idea.

    do you feel obligated to have people on your link lists/sidebars that you never read? Nah. I only have people I read religiously up on my sidebar.

    what one or two characteristics define a really quality blog (in your humble opinion, of course)? a link to me!

    To quote Nixon’s wife, “I am not a cook.”

    That was possibly the worst-made quiche in the history of cooking. I thought it was only in sitcoms that people cooked this badly. I’m surprised I encountered no small explosions.

    I don’t understand why I’m such a bad cook. I read the directions, I follow them to the letter (okay, I might have messed up on that a couple times), and I end up with twice as much batter-stuff as would fit in the pie crust. I don’t get it. I use all the right amounts of all the right ingredients… what’s wrong with me and/or what’s wrong with the recipie? Gah. I will never be a housewife. My kids would have Chick Fil-A for dinner.

    ::sigh:: Why has my FTP been Satan, as of recently? Is anyone else using having this problem, or is it something else?