Tonight I went to a free screening of Antonio Banderas’ new movie, Take the Lead. Lots of fun and lots of great dancing!

As for Smallville, lots of James scenes means minimal fast forward-age. And in the last scene? Four Jameses! Oh, it does this fangirl’s heart good. This would be twice as fun as those scenes with TheFirst!Spike if only the dialogue wasn’t so bad! And I’ve replayed his last line several times, but I keep hearing him say “We need more salmons.” I can’t fathom what he actually is supposed to be saying. Aside: Is James being typecast as a guy that likes shoving metal spikes through people’s heads?

I’m amazed that this show is still on the air. I can’t help feeling that we’ve seen this exact plot at least two dozen times. And Clark and Lana appear to be in the same place as they were years ago. I’d hope that maybe Clark can now move on to someone not Lana who’s also not evil, but I somehow doubt that will ever happen on this show. Ah well!

Umm, happy 41st birthday to Juliet Landau, and happy belated 35th birthday (March 27th) to Nathan Fillion!

Answers to the First Line Meme:

  1. Who can take your trash out, stomp it down for you?
    “The Garbage Man”, The Simpsons. Guesseed by Aaron and Renata.
  2. What happened to Benny, what happened to his heart?
    “You’ll See”, RENT. Guessed by Renata and Will, with partial credit to Aaron.
  3. A key in the door, a step on the floor
    “Shoebox”, Barenaked Ladies. Guessed by Meghan.
  4. There she was, just a-walking down the street
    “Doo Wah Diddy”, Manfred Mann. Guessed by Aaron, Renata, and Will.
  5. There lived a certain man in Russia long ago
    “Rasputin”, Boney M. Guessed by NOBODY, which is TRAGIC, as I love this song. Maybe I’ll include it in my next Frankenmix…
  6. You’re not ready for the world outside
    “Standing”, Once More With Feeling. Guessed by Megan and Will.
  7. Hey-ah, hey-ah, hey-AH, hey-ah. Hey-ah, hey-ah, hey-oh.
    “Spider in My Room”, Barenaked Ladies. Guessed by nobody, because I’m tricksy and a total dork.
  8. Children, welcome home to where we all began
    “Children, Children”, Bat Boy: The Musical. Guessed by nobody, which is nearly as sad as Rasputin.
  9. This is not the man I knew
    “His Work and Nothing More”, Jekyll and Hyde studio cast. Guessed by nobody, probably because nobody has the studio recording, which is arguably more tragic than Bat Boy and Rasputin combined, because the Broadway version pales in comparison.
  10. What is this song about?
    “Smells Like Nirvana”, Weird Al. Guessed by nobody.
  11. This house is like Russia
    “Take to the Sky”, Tori Amos. Guessed by Renata.
  12. My ship has sails that are made of silk
    “My Ship”, Lady in the Dark. Guessed by Aaron and Will.
  13. Put down the chainsaw and listen to me
    “Dare to be Stupid”, Weird Al. Guessed by Will.
  14. Once in every show there comes a song like this
    “The Song That Goes Like This”, Spamalot. Guessed by Aaron, Meghan, and Will.
  15. A little dust never stopped me none
    “Honey”, Tori Amos. Guessed by Renata.
  16. To feel a woman’s touch, to touch a woman’s hand
    “Transition”, Passion (Sondheim). Guessed by nobody.
  17. Maids like me, I’m neat!
    “Everybody Ought To Have A Maid”, A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Forum. Guessed by Aaron and Will.
  18. This is the story of a guy named Al
    “The Weird Al Show Theme”, Weird Al. Guessed by Will.
  19. We are just like Romeo and Juliet, we’re happy, young, and hemmoraging blood
    “Mary’s Death/Romeo and Juliet Reprise”, Reefer Madness. Guessed by Aaron.
  20. We blew off immigration, the moon was sittin’ high
    “Nuevas Senioritas”, Indigo Girls. Guessed by nobody.

Winner: Will!

*laughs* Oh, continuity! My heart beats! Sam reports that in addition to Blackadder and New Yankee Workshop, House TiVos Monster Truck Jam, The O.C., and Spongebob. Monster Trucks and The O.C. we knew about beforehand, but Spongebob? Looks like there’s more than one ambiguously gay duo about, because Tuesday’s episode was like a treeful of monkeys on nitrous oxide. If House/Wilson was an HP ship, it would have some dorky nickname that somehow references macadamia nut pancakes.

*laughs* On my Amazon wishlist, instead of “highest” priority, certain items have instead been classified as “Muss ich haben”. Everything else is still in English. A glitch? A funny one.

Veronica Mars! I don’t know if I was just really giggly tonight or if the episode was funnier than average, but I was laughing out loud almost constantly. Veronica in the wig shop, “Ice Man” in the same episode as Shawn Ashmore’s twin brother, every moment of every scene that featured Cliff, every moment of every scene that featured Dick, and Lamb’s new campaign slogan.

I’m still feeling about Logan in the same way I feel about Charlie on Lost: we want to like them, but they’re making stupid, stupid decisions, so we’re angry at them, and it’s going to take a major turnaround for us to forgive them. At least Logan was honest tonight. And he gets some sympathy points, because MAN does he have bad luck with girlfriends, but he’s still a jerk in major need of intensive therapy. Gotta love Rob Thomas and his ambiguous characters!

It’ll be interesting to see how VM treats college, how many of the original cast also end up at Hearst, and how many people compare it to Buffy. Do we know if VM has been renewed for Season 3, or is that still up in the air with the whole CW jumble?

Google Maps the census. Lifehacker: “This Google Maps mashup from AnalGIS and SRC adds census information from the 2000 census to the Google Maps interface we already know and love. Just put in your address and you can quickly see the population, income, and housing statistics for your area in a 1, 3, and 5 mile radius of your home.”