Daniel Radcliffe mobbed by Elijah fans.

Meanwhile, on ebay: $89.99 and counting for an empty box. Well, not just any empty box, but still. People have too much money.

And because I feel I have to post a lot of links for popular fandoms to compensate for every time I gush about My Fandom That Almost No One Who Reads My Blog Is Familiar With (Which Seriously Needs to Change), The Dresden Files, here’s a highly amusing Lost/Harry Potter Crackfic and a very silly post on Buffy ships as various world religions.

And lastly: Sort me!

So, they released the cast list for the TV movie of The Dresden Files. My reaction: Hrrn? Why do we have an attractive Cuban actress playing the cute, Irish, blonde, 5’0″ Karrin Murphy, and a petite Irish actress playing the tall, gorgeous Susan Rodriguez? Oh, and Paul Blackthorne is British, though Hugh Laurie proves that this is no insurmountable obstacle to playing an American.

Dresden – Paul Blackthorne
Murphy – Valerie Cruz
Susan – Rebecca McFarland
Morgan – Conrad Coates
Ancient Mai – Elizabeth Thai
Kirmani – Raoul Bhaneja
Bianca – Joanne Kelly

Seeing as how they appear to be changing Harry’s name to “Erik” (again, WHY? Are they intimidated by the notion of a wizard named ‘Harry’?), I figure there will be a lot in flux. Ah well. Whatever. Regardless of how this turns out, I’ll still have the books! *idly waves “James for the voice of Bob” pennant*

I’m eating waffles with Ben & Jerry’s “Apple-y Ever After,” the greatest ice cream in the history of the universe.

Sometimes, life is just awesome.

There aren’t any plans to make a movie out of Wicked, right? Because both times I went to the theatre over break (Rent and Harry Potter), I walked in the doors to hear “Defying Gravity” on MovieTunes. Then, after Harry Potter, they started playing “Popular.” Is this some twisted way of promoting Idina Menzel in Rent? Are there fangirls running the music selection? Or is it a secret plot against my sanity? I’m not complaining; it’s one of my favourite showtunes. I’m just confused.

Alcohol I have consumed since turning 21:

1. 1 sip white wine — found it vile.
2. 1 sip frozen margarita — far preferred the non-alcoholic variety.

I’d be a teetotaler, but I don’t even like tea. *toasts with a glass of ice water*

Wow, now that’s what I call timing! I watch the first half of Lost, grab breakfast, watch the second half, and as soon as the episode finishes, I look to see how much longer my Veronica Mars download has, only to watch the last three seconds tick past. Absolutely perfect timing.

*scrunches up nose in annoyance*

The internet at home is certainly speedy enough, but I never noticed what a profound difference there was between home and school until now. At school, I could download an episode of Veronica Mars or Lost in the same length of time it takes to watch it. Here, for Veronica Mars, it’s already been 7 hours, and it’s expecting another 3 to go. Fortunately, Lost is coming along a bit speedier, with only 14 minutes to go!

Oooh! A bunch of TV DVDs and A&E titles (including the Colin Firth “Pride and Prejudice” and the complete Monty Python’s Flying Circus) are half-price at Amazon! Get your Christmas shopping done early!

Wow. Looks like Philly’s getting a White Thanksgiving. Meanwhile, I will bask in balmy 70 degree weather! *dons sunglasses*