I’ve watched three discs of Season 1 of Battlestar Galactica, and while I absolutely love it, the cameraman seriously needs to lay off the juice. I love the handheld feel, which is reminiscent of Firefly, but it’s taken way too far. Firefly found a happy medium, but with BSG, I feel like we’re getting a half-dozen of those “emphasis zooms” in every scene. Emphasis zooms are like a delicate spice; they are not to be abused or overused! Rather than bringing me in deeper, every emphasis zoom on BSG rips me out of the action. If I were watching these episodes on a larger screen, I’d probably begin to feel slightly seasick.

Hopefully, now that I have expressed this opinion, all remaining episodes of BSG will retroactively correct this minor annoyance.

I have no idea which characters are most popular in fandom, so it will be interesting to see how popular or unpopular my opinions are, but I have to say my favourite character at the moment is Gaius. I don’t like him at all, but I love watching him. He’s such an opportunistic little slimeball! His “morality” struggles are far more interesting to me than the live-or-die military decisions Donnie Darko’s mom and the big brass are confronting.

No matter what Starbuck or Adama Jr or Daddy Adama or Madam President decide or do, we the audience are going to empathize and love them regardless. It’s just the nature of the show, as I understand it so far. But Gaius is different. It’s like he wants to do the right thing, but then he’s so easily convinced to do what Number Six tells him to do, because bad things happen to him when he doesn’t.

His utter cowardice represents something you rarely get on TV. Time after time, he’s given a choice between what is easy and what is right, and HE PICKS EASY. He picks easy, and he’s not immediately killed off or transformed into a cackling supervillain. It’s refreshing.

Also Starbuck is treading the lines of Suehood and Adama Jr is duller than a box of used crayons. :D

Quote of the Day: “Necromancy doesn’t kill people. People kill people.” –Tepick, on McAnally’s

A Bunch of Links:

Spider-Man 3 Teaser Online!

Kevin Smith to release Audio Commentary for Clerks II in conjunction with the film’s release in theatres, downloadable for free from iTunes.

An awesome bit of Flash: Animator vs. Animation

Words from Joss, in the wake of the screenings. It sounds like he finished a draft of the Wonder Woman script!

2 missing episodes from Doctor Who to be animated! More artistic and technical info here.

A Future For Futurama! Comedy Central has picked up the rights to air at least 13 additional, soon-to-be-produced episodes, which will air in 2008.

BWEE! I just found out about Sci-Fi Expo in Plano, July 8-9. Among others, they’re hosting David Prowse, Peter Mayhew, Ray Park, and Alan Tudyk. Oh, the nerdglee!

Who’s the moron that put the Battlestar Galactica Season 2 DVD with the Season 1 box at the video rental? I just saw “Disc 1” and didn’t look at the season number. I wondered why they were showing a “Previously on Battlestar Galactica” for the first episode.

I no longer occupy the same topological space as yesterday: I got my ears pierced this afternoon. Hey, no more awkward moments when I’m given earrings for my birthday or other special occasions!

Well, looks like I didn’t need to worry about fifty Kaylees showing up to last night’s Serenity Now/Equality Now event, as I was almost the only one in costume! There were two girls that had dressed in general Browncoat fashion (I look slightly manic in this picture, which unsettles), a handful of “Blue Sun” shirt-wearers, and a couple folks in Hawaiian shirts, but mine was pretty much the only distinct costume of the bunch. I felt like a great, floundering goob and King of the Nerd Patrol, especially as Chungy couldn’t make it, and I didn’t know anybody there.

I took pictures with whoever wanted them, feeling vuagely like a person dressed as Mickey Mouse at Disneyworld, and gradually started feeling more comfortable in my surroundings as I struck up conversations with fellow Browncoats. Then Emily H., fellow JETS member and little sister of one of my best friends in High School, showed up, and life was grand.

It was so great to see the Big Damn Movie again on the big screen.

Replies to blog comments:

Xio: I was at the Dallas screening, not Philly.

Rebecca: Well, if you ever come across and roses or sacks of money, you know what to do with them!

Aaron: My bad. I assumed everyone knew who Alan Menken is, and that my overjoyed squeefulness at his being involved would go without saying. Whereas fewer people know about Stephen Schwartz, so I needed some compensatory “EEEEEE!!!” to show my happiness. So ALAN MENKEN GLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!! and Stephen Schwartz SQUEEEEEE!!!!! more accurately reflects my feelings on the matter. :D

Jimmy: Great! I’ll get your print out to you early next week. Jeff asked for Death, as well, and Court and Ryan asked for Destruction (why they would want to hang “Destruction” in their Money Pit of a new home is beyond me. :D) Methinks I need to get inspired and do more work in the style of my Sandman project. Anyway, Astonishing X-Men is crafted of pure awesome. I devoured both TPBs that afternoon. Now it’s just a matter of getting my hands on Season 1 of BSG!

Equality Now Serenity tribute screening tonight! Should I wear Safe!River, ObjectsInSpace!River, Serenity!Kaylee, or Zoe? Vote in the comments.

Kaylee is probably my favourite, as it’s flattering, comfortable, and quite screen-accurate, but it’s also probably the most common costume among cosplayers. You can’t throw a rock without hitting a Kaylee at a Firefly event. Zoe is fun, and it won me a costume contest at the first Serenity preview screening last summer, but it’s not as flattering as Kaylee, and the boots can get tiresome after a while. Safe!River requires a lot of fidgeting to keep the red sweater in shape, but is otherwise comfortable, and comes with awesome boots. It used to be really unflattering, but for some reason, it looks pretty good on me now. OiS!River is least flattering, but comfy. And I found my Objects in Space stick!


I rented the Battlestar Galactica miniseries the other day, and now I can’t wait to get my hands on the first season. (I wonder if Lasciel of The Dresden Files was at all influenced by Number Six?) Alas, the first two discs were already checked out at my local independent video rental! So I went to the comics shop a few doors down and bought the two Astonishing X-Men trade paperbacks. It’s time I caught up on all the fan glee I’ve been missing out on!

Bush sings “Sunday Bloody Sunday”, in the same style as “Imagine

We all know the adage that as soon as you compare someone to a Nazi, you lose all credibility, but this Ann Coulter vs. Hitler quiz is kind of fantastic. As is this clip of Stephen Colbert wiping the floor with Georgia congressman Lynn Westmoreland, who co-sponsored a bill which would require the House of Representatives and the Senate to display the Ten Commandments. And make sure you check out Republicans Against Snake Marriage, because it’s hilarious.