Episode 9 of The Butcher Block is up! My news segment starts at 2:48. (Did I mention that I’m now the official news correspondent? Because I am. I’ve also been recruited to do news posts for Jim-Butcher.com) There’s also an Easter Egg of sorts at 29:57. I miss being called an Industrious Little Gnome. :D

In case I didn’t post about it before, Episode 8 is here (my bit begins at 4:09), though my segment was a bit less smooth. Firstly, I was moving at a breakneck pace because there was SO MUCH NEWS to report, and because I rambled like a crazy person in the previous episode. But most significantly, it was because I kept bursting into giggles for no particular reason (well, Chungy’s presence in the next room might have had something to do with it) and had to redo whole chunks, and Fred had to splice everything back together. He sent me the “outtakes” reel of us screwing up and laughing at each other, and it’s over seven minutes long–nearly as long as my actual segment!

Someone, somewhere, has started a drinking game based on how many times I say “Yesssss” and “Eeeexcellent” and is now either comatose or dead from alcohol poisoning. I really don’t use those words that much in real life!

In other news, I made some brownies for friends, and they are GORGEOUS.


How is it I’m only now learning that there’s to be a fifth “Thursday Next” novel? Thursday Next: First Among Sequels hits bookshelves July 24th.

For those that haven’t been introduced to the series, they’re brilliant and book-nerdy and WONDERFUL and I thought the fourth book was the last one! They take place on an Earth where the Crimean War is still going on, people keep Dodos as pets, and instead of Rocky Horror, fans stage audience-participatory versions of Richard III.



Where are you guys going for the midnight release of Harry Potter 7? I know Jim Dale will be at the Barnes and Noble in Union Square, and that’s only a couple blocks from my apartment…