PhauxCon was FABULOUS. I love these women! Sleep calls to me now, but expect a big entry in the next few days.

In the meantime, highlights include:

  • Denny kicking butt and taking names
  • Sadbhyl totally blowing my mind as far as The Dresden Files is concerned. Can I borrow a time-turner and/or TARDIS so I can reread the entire series without dipping into the time needed for homework?
  • The most gentle crashing and burning of my panel anyone could imagine.
  • Me trying Bailey’s Irish Creme and liking it, marking the first time I’ve ever not detested the taste of alcohol.
  • Hearing about the totally awesome projects my fellow attendees are planning. And I sincerely hope Xi wasn’t joking about the “bunch of sex” PhauxCon ficathon. Dude, I can’t write fic and I’ve never had sex, and I still want to participate.
  • A Dutch bakery!

Gah. For my panel-thing at PhauxCon, I’m talking about Jim Butcher’s books. Because I’ve had so much work to do lately, I wasn’t able to start writing until this evening, where I wrote up some basic stuff about the Dresden Files characters as a starting point. Then I went to dinner with a bunch of the attendees, and they’ve all read (at least) the first book. They know who all the characters are and they have a sense of the style of worldbuilding.

Now I get to figure out what I’m going to talk about for thirty minutes at 1AM the night before. This is *so* going to be a discussion. XD