It’s New Year’s Day, and I have no idea where to find good black eyed peas! HORRORS!

On the other hand, I could always just make some. I have to visit the grocery store anyway…

Hurrah, the snow that has swept the nation has made its way to New York!

It’s not much, but it’s there! And come on, I’m a native Texan. Brief flurries that don’t even stick to the ground = apocalyptic blizzard.

GLEE! James Marsters’ site just announced that he’ll be doing the audio book of Small Favor, tenth book of The Dresden Files! Details here.

And FREAKING SQUEE! I just got THE LAST TICKET to see Tim Burton at the Lincoln Center next week! …At least, the last Mezz seat. Which… drat. Probably means it’s the worse in the Mezz section. I should have gone with Balcony. But I just bought my ticket, so oh well. I’m sure every seat will be a good one! Stupid confusing thing saying “1 ticket left,” misleading me and making me rush my decision. But it will be awesome, and EEE TIM BURTON. calculates a “walkability” score for a neighborhood based on density, proximity to restaurants, parks and public spaces, and schools, access to public transportation, etc. My New York apartment got a glowing 98 out of 100! How wonderfully walkable! Though I feel its walkability is somewhat impaired by the fact I live across the street from housing projects and probably shouldn’t walk around at night. XD

I think I qualify for having the Weirdest Day Before 9:30 AM.

Sangita, my roommate, had to work late last night and didn’t get home until 2. Therefore, she planned to go in late to work this morning, so we wouldn’t be walking together as we usually do, as we work a block away from each other. My rockin’ new Docs arrived from Zappos last night, and I decided to wear them to work to break them in. However, I didn’t want to give myself blisters, I decided to take the bus rather than walking the .8 miles to the nearest subway stop. The bus seemed to be going more slowly than usual, so I decided to get off at Union Square rather than at the more direct 6th and 14th stop and take the N/R/Q/W rather than the F/V, which might shave a few minutes off my overall time.

And after this barrage totally uncharacteristic transportation decisions, who did I randomly end up standing next to on the subway? Maura Walsh, my best friend in middle school, who I hadn’t seen since she moved to Boston after 8th grade. It turns out we live and work only a few blocks away from each other, and we’re both in advertising! Weeeeeeeiiiiiird.

Man, I don’t know what’s up with me lately! You could probably count the number of posts I’ve made since graduation without taking your shoes off. A lot of stuff has happened! Let me tell you all about it.

Tuesday, I signed the lease for my first real apartment! It’s at 6th and Avenue D, and it’s huuuuuuuuge, yet reasonably priced! I’ll be rooming with Sangita Vyas, who I’ve known since I was four. We both went to Hockaday together for all 14 years, then we both went to Penn, and now we’re both living in New York! Jinkies! I spent this and yesterday evening browsing home furnishings/accessories and getting ideas and taking pictures. Now I can make little room mockups in Photoshop (or OMG IN MAYA!) so I don’t take any big plunges without due thought. I am a geek!

One of the places I checked out was called ABC Carpet and Home. With a name like that, you’d imagine it would be a pretty cheap place, yes? Quite the contrary. They were selling little decorative pillows for more than I make in a week. But I spent half an hour browsing its six stories, because I kept getting ideas as to how I could make stuff that gave off a similar vibe really inexpensively. I am feeling so crafty right now!

Tonight I also shopped for a mattress. Without thinking, I got a twin, as that’s what I’ve always slept in, but upon further reflection, I might change my mind tomorrow and upgrade to a full. I can change my order without penalty as long as I notify them before they deliver it on Saturday. Gotta love great customer satisfaction policies! I’ll most likely stick with the twin, but it’s fun to know I have the option.

In short: WOOHOO.

The tax rate may be evil, but I love the opportunities living in New York offers! Tuesday morning, before work officially started, Chris was randomly watching an anime music video set to Jonathan Coulton’s “Code Monkey.” As a result, I spent much of the morning listening to Jonathan Coulton music on my iPod. I randomly got the urge to check a certain lyric, so I went to his website. Then I randomly got the urge to check whether he was planning any shows in the near future, and… HOLY COW YES! He was playing THAT NIGHT! And VIENNA TENG will be playing at the same venue next week! WIN!

Coulton’s concert was a treat. He was preceded by the unimpressive Graham Smith and the uproariously funny The Petersons (who Coulton joined briefly to sing the high note in their cover of “Take On Me,” masquerading himself as one of the last remaining Italian castrati). I’ve had a really hoarse voice all week, so I could only whisper along when he played “Re: Your Brains,” but I nevertheless had a fantastic time!

Unfortunately, I still haven’t gotten over said sore throat. It’s been getting progressively worse since Saturday–in fact, my supervisors sent me home from work this morning so I could rest, as I can barely talk above a whisper. Fortunately, our family has a lot of friends in the medical profession in New York, and one was able to check me out this afternoon to make sure I didn’t have anything serious. He said I probably just have a virus, and it should run its course by the weekend. I’ve been taking good care of myself! I slept from 10AM to 6 PM, waking up briefly at 2 for the aforementioned appointment. BEAUTIFUL.

Uh, here, have some reasons to watch Psych! Season two premieres tomorrow at 10.