I got Terry Pratchett’s Wee Free Men this afternoon, yet I’m going to sleep as soon as I finish my English homework. Such is my t00bish devotion to my role.

This show is going to be fabulous, methinks. Lauren and I convinced Mr. Oliver and Miss Morton to drop “It’s All The Same” another minor third, making it far more singable and quite a lot more earthy and wenchy. Huzzah! Opening night tomorrow! ::squees:: Again, everyone is invited, if you happen to be in the Dallas area. Jesuit, at 7:00. Bwee!

*is giddy*

My final dress rehearsal as Aldonza went swimmingly. I am so in love with my costume, it’s not even funny. And yay, we have footage! So now I just have to convince Burkhead to let me use her computer to upload various scenes for your enjoyment. Huzzah!

Now sleep.

Quote of the Day:

Cut to: Patrician’s Palace. Vetinari has just thrown him up against a wall and ravished him. I so cannot believe I’m writing this. –Sam

Aaaaaaaaarg, I hate my life. Perfect bloody timing, ha. I just got my period today, which is very evil, as I always get asolutely horrible cramps on the second and fourth days, which coincide perfectly with my final rehearsal and my first performance as Aldonza. Evil, evil, evil. ::stockpiles Aleve::

Boys have it so easy. Bah.

Saw Antigone, which absolutely rocked. Of course, I got to pitying Creon a heck of a lot more than I pitied Antigone. Heck, she was an insolent upstart. Pish posh to the chorus’ feeble “moral law” excuse! Anyway, Matt played one of the guards, who were hilarious. They definitely stole the show humor-wise, while Xandu’s Creon was the high point dramatically. Huzzah!

Quotes of the Day:

I don’t think esotericness is really a quality I look for in tea. –Me

I can’t help thinking that if I put milk in my tea, the British Empire will disown me. –Me

Rachel: “Pinky and the Brain” did a parody of “Man of La Mancha” once. Brain sang “To Scheme the Impossible Scheme”.

Me: Somehow, I knew that parody had to exist somewhere.