Too amusing. I’m listening to what I have so far of my “Feet of Clay” recording (over 3 hours, so far), and I’m finding that the microphone sometimes picks up my heartbeat. Singing in the Rain, anyone?

Hurrah! This spring break, I’m going to NY with my family. Today, we got tickets for “Man of La Mancha”, “La Boheme”, “Urinetown”, and “Flower Drum Song”. Squee!

How embarassing! Look Marcie, we’re wearing the same dress!

Is anyone else really, really amused that Neo and Lord Vetinari appear to have the same fashion sense? Neo is actually wearing the getup I intended to draw him in originally, though I added the jacket thing on Mon’s influence. Yay for demented coincidences!

::goes off, humming “Paris Original”::

Still cleaning desk…

Autographs found:

  • Luke Wilson — I met him at a Homecoming football game. He and his brother, Owen, went to our brother school, St. Marks

  • Scott Hunt — three of these, actually. Two are the renowned “Scottographs”, and one is on a big sheet of autographs of the entire RENT cast.

  • The Aforementioned Entire Rent Cast

  • Dave Barry — I sent him articles about the “Lawn Gnome Liberation Front”, and he sent me a postcard that said “This certifies that Priscilla Spencer is an Alert Reader and should seek some kind of treatment immediately.”


  • Quote of the Day:

    “A man who can juggle, be a cunning politician, and get Nobby in an exotic dancer costume is my type of man.” –Moni

    Oy. Over the past few days, I’ve been working on a recording of “Feet of Clay” as an empty-nest present for my parents (we always read together — the HP series, FotR, and now Discworld), and I had no idea how slow my pages per minute ratio was. On page 63, I had already used up a 90 minute tape. No wonder the real audio versions are abridged!

    Looking through my LJ Friends list, I have come to the conclusion that I am the only person in existence that does not own a webcam.