Quote of the Day: “Okaaaay. Leaving you all now. Don’t you miss me, I’ll be back with drawings before you can say “theirloveissocanon!” –Moni

Pool Party IV: Raisin-Toed Revenge

  • T-Barr photographs the Combat Rooster

  • T-Barr clearly does not need Luke around to act very, very gay.

  • Matt is deeply amused by this.

  • T-Barr does his part to maintain a Leaf-Free environment.

  • Seeing as the pool cleaner will KILL US ALL.

  • Burkhead is ever the sex goddess.

  • And fashion plate to boot!

  • Not to mention purveyor of interesting new methods of scalp massage.

  • She spent a great deal of time floating on her back. Note Chairman Miao in the background. (Formerly “Sassy,” “Mittens,” “Mi’ens,” etc)

  • Burkhead makes T-Barr pretty!

  • T-Barr is now stylin and ready for mischief!

  • Burkhead is naked! Or not.

  • Our Chili’s waiter is in reality Jimmy Neutron.
  • SQUEE! DaVinci’s Notebook is coming to Bryn Mawr on October 24! I am SO going to be there! ::jumps around in a circle, squealing::