Hey, boys and ghouls! Hope you all had a lovely Halloween! I once again rocked my Maeve costume, though I elected to go with a more work-friendly alternative, which was actually closer to what’s described in canon. :D Everyone loved it! (Especially Melissa, who kept coming up to me and squeezing the wig, which is wonderfully soft and squeezable.) Instead of the pale blue wrap top, I wore a white wife beater over a light blue bra, and instead of my 6″ Plastic Heels of Tacky Awesome, I donned big, stompy, 20-eye Doc Martens. Unfortunately, said Docs are still not completely worn in, and I now have blisters on the backs of my ankles. Boooo. At least the “Boooo” I feel is in keeping with the spirit of Halloween!

Another “Booooo” goes to my job, as I had to do two hours of overtime last night, and I subsequently missed the Village parade, which I’d really been looking forward to. But I got to go to dinner at Hill Country BBQ with Jimmy and the Meanies (would make a half-decent band name), which was crazy fun! They import Big Red–soft drink of the Gods–straight from Texas, and its siren call was so great that I, who have not had a soft drink since the 7th grade, was moved to order a bottle.

I look one sip, and suddenly I was eight years old, sitting at a table at Kitchen’s Hardware with my dad, trying to figure out the secrets of a series of tricks, like “how do you get this metal ring on to this pair of interlocked horseshoes?”, which were scattered across the tables. Kitchen’s was a combination hardware store/restaurant on the road to my grandfather’s house in East Texas, and every time we went down I begged to eat there. Their soft drink freezer had a built-in bottle cap remover, and I thought it was the coolest thing ever. I always had either Big Red or Welch’s Grape Soda. On one memorable occasion at Kitchen’s, my dad taught me basic algebra. Mmm, that was my childhood.

But yes! Great BBQ, half of which is now residing in my fridge. As the Meanies were heading back to Wales the next afternoon, they fobbed their leftovers onto me, and Jimmy added his own to my Massive Heap of Deliciously BBQed Meat (and Veggies). So now I have leftovers to last a small army for three weeks! Hurrah! And the live band played twisted country songs about eating brains, which was merry.

Afterwards, we met up with Jimmy’s pal John Lucas and his girlfriend for a drink. They asked about my costume, and I got to plug the Dresden Files comic. Good stuff! :D Then I checked my email on my cell and saw that Joss Whedon has a new TV show! EEE! A splendid time was had by all. I wish, wish, wish I’d been able to go to the parade, but alas, it was not to be. Next year! Hope everyone’s Halloween was festive and fun!