The TV meme returns, rearing its necromanced zombie head!

Day 08 – A show everyone should watch

Didn’t we do this already? While I appreciate the semantic difference between “more people” and “everyone,” I’m not sure what it means in the context of this survey. Is “a show everyone should watch” a show I feel has broad, nigh-universal appeal, and “a show more people should watch” a great show with more niche appeal in danger of cancellation due to low numbers?

Meh, I’m just going to say Leverage.

It’s smart, and it’s ridiculous amounts of fun, plus explosions. While it’s been known to toss merry bricks into my suspension of disbelief, and the product placement is hilariously obvious (the brilliant hacker uses Windows 7? BAHAHAHAHA.), it’s so delightful that I’m happy to go along with it. Hardison and Parker are two of my favourite characters on TV at present. ilu Parker. Crazy, crazy Parker.