I’m really, REALLY scared now. I just went to this Invader Zim message board, and people were talking about slash pairings between the almighty Tallest. Ugh! Who comes up with this stuff? ::runs away::

I just watched most of Monty Python and the Holy Grail with French subtitles. Don’t ask why. Don’t try to explain the decisions behind the actions of the JETS.

We threw Nancy a “Senior Sendoff” party today. We all went to Mr. Loh’s room after exams, then we surprised Nancy with all the stuff we got for her from our trip to Target. She loved it. Then, we watched most of the movie I’d been recording so that Nancy can remember us better when she goes to college. Then we went to Shrek, which was absolutely fantastic. ::applauds at niftiness:: Then we went to Chilis, which has become the official JETS hangout. It turns out that the waiter who snubbed us last time for having too big a group is now working as the Night-Shift Manager at Kroger. HA! Loser. We saw him there, visiting his waiter friends. His name is Brian. Unfortunately, he left before we were able to talk to him. After a fun-filled meal of inuendo and other amusing topics, we went to my house, where we finished the video and watched the subbed Monty Python. Ah, the glory of DVDs.

Aaack! ::feels the love:: I got another half-birday card today! From Morwen, the fabulous artist who illustrated “Harry Potter and the Doomspell Potion”, a really groovy book 4 fanfiction. You can check out the card here. Ooh! And if you’d like an Aberquaffle and Snitch shirt of your very own, just go to my CafePress store. You can get one almost any way you can imagine: white t-shirt, ash grey t-shirt, sweatshirt, long-sleeved t-shirt, and “baby doll” t-shirt. They look great. Anyway, you should visit Morwen’s website because she’s such a cool person and an awesome artist. And if you want, you can check out the other cards I got from Tanja and Rebecca. I love you guys!

Whaaaaa! My art is in Vibrato, my school’s Literary Magazine! And I’M ON THE COVER! ::does a groovy dance:: Vibrato is so much niftier this year. The layout is fabulous, the art and prose are spectacular, and as an amusing addition, they published part of my friend Elizabeth’s Harry Potter fanfic parody, “Harry Potter and the Dark Lord’s Duplicate“. This just rocks…

::wrinkes nose:: Today’s the last day of exams for me. I just had my history exam this morning, and my arm is about to break off. I just wrote 7 pages of junk about nationalism and World War 1-2 and the Cold War. Ugh. The multiple choice stuff was evil, though. It was almost entirely on the Industial Revolution, the one part of history I barely studied at all. Fwah. Thank Percy I only have one exam left: Math. Yarg.

The song “All you need is love” confuses me. Is in in 7/8 time or something?

I think my friends have discovered Tanja’s weblog. Why else would I have 8 people wishing to see me in hotpants? The second runner up only has 4! I don’t know if I should be flattered or to find someone to smack upside the head.

Come on, don’t you have work you need to be doing?

I’m reading all the mail in my “Junk” mailbox. I actually have an email account called junk@theninemuses.net, which I use whenever I have to include my email address in something where I know I’ll get spam. It’s actually rather therapeudic. I can rest easy, knowing that I can save 75% on life insurance, or that classic that you just read below: You have already won 9k or $5. Erm…. thanks? Ooh! Half.com! You get used stuff for 50% off. Half the quality, half the price! Joy of all joys.

Oh, and if you’re a gullible loser, that free money thing is jackpot.com.

Priscilla, WIN a prize today – GUARANTEED! Play FastCash now and you WILL WIN A PRIZE! You have already won $9,000.00 or $5.00 or 500 LuckyLoot!

What morons. I’m ashamed to share the same planet.