Some Links For You:

Opening Credits to Burton’s Sweeney Todd. Catch it before it gets removed! Maybe it’ll look better on screen than on freaking YouTube, but I’m less impressed with this than I was with the actual musical numbers I saw last month. Remind me again why they decided not to open with the Ballad?

Pottercast scored an interview with JK Rowling! The first part of the interview is downloadable now, and I just finished listening. Intriguing stuff! She has a wonderful rapport with her hosts, and she speaks with such clarity, from minute details of her books to the heavier issues they raise. Well worth a listen.

Tanker Safety — a sketch of Pythonesque brilliance

Great new trailer for Horton Hears a Who.

The Superest — an ongoing game between two cartoonists, in which they take turns creating superheroes/supervillains with powers that defeat the powers of the hero/villain before it. Hilarious!

A Pterry Thank You Project — a fanart celebration, to be compiled and sent to the man next month.

Global Warming — an argument for action

Torchwood Series 2 Trailer. I can’t believe I’m going to watch this. XD (Woah, was that Simon Pegg I saw for a split-second?)

So. The Hobbit is to be executive-produced by Peter Jackson, but not directed. And it’s going to have a sequel.


Isn’t the sequel to The Hobbit called Lord of the Rings?

I will not accept failure from you, New Line. You’d better be doing this for a very good reason.

My Work Schedule This Past Week:

Monday: 9am-3:30am
Tuesday: Noon-7pm
Wednesday: 9am-7pm
Thursday: 9am-7pm
Friday: 9am-12:15am

Satuday: 10am-5:30pm

Whereupon I boarded a train for New Haven, ate a small salad, saw Ko’s RIDICULOUSLY AMAZING AND FANTABULOUS dance show, met some of her friends, enjoyed a brief tour of the law school, imbibed some ridiculously good hot chocolate with Bailey’s at Ko’s cast party, slept, showered, boarded a train for Grand Central, and…

Sunday: 12:30pm – 12:15am

I can has weekend plz?

I want to sleep for a week. Friday can’t come soon enough.

So. Shepherd Book’s story will be told in a graphic novel.

In what twisted parallel universe is that a good idea? Are there shrimp? Maybe some terrifying space monkeys? Dude, Joss, don’t give in to fan pressure. Serenity told us absolutely everything we needed to know on that count. Our imaginations have already filled in that gap. I have complete, utter confidence in your supreme televisionary and cinematic genius, but the comics… I just haven’t been able to get into any of the Mutant Enemy-based comics. Not “Those Left Behind,” not that spate of Angel comics that came out shortly after S5 ended, not Buffy Season 8… Feh.

Oh well. Everyone else in the thread is beside themselves with glee, so clearly I’m overreacting. Maybe I’ll feel happier about the news when I’m not all muscle-achy and miserable from doing an hour of continuous pratfalls for mocap yesterday. :D Ah, I love my job.

Me: oh my god, I’m a terrible person.
Me: This person used a slightly-crazed-Linguini-from-Ratatouille icon in a Sweeney Todd context, and my brain just went to a terrible place.
Becky: … Oh dear.
Me: “Swing your butcher’s knife wide, ‘Fredo, raise it to the skies…”
Becky: sooo wrong
Me: And now whatserface, the girl, is baking suspicious pies…
Becky: Collette? XD
Me: yes!
Becky: “The Worst Pies In Paris”?
Becky: … God, we are so AWFUL
Me: yupyup!
Me: I really want to draw this now
Me: Remy with dark eyemakeup, smiling cutely and holding a razor
Becky: … I dare you to do it. XD
Me: heeeeeee
Me: Okay! Anton Ego, rather than being A Force For Awesome at the end, reveals Linguini’s scam and decries them, and Linguini goes to jail for violation of health codes and whatnot. Because he and Remy are still friends, Remy tries to go with him, in hopes that he can sneak Linguini food or grab the guard’s keys or whatnot. But Ego snatches Remy away to be his personal cooking slave, because dude, that was some delicious ratatouille.
Me: Linguini languishes in prison for several years (can’t be too long, because rats don’t live that long), then escapes somehow and makes his way back to Paris, eager to rekindle his love for Collette and rescue Remy.
Me: But Gusteau’s is long since replaced, perhaps by one of Skinner’s fast food joints. He finds Collette, who has been effectively blacklisted by all great restaurants for her part in the rat scam, and bakes pies for a living. She can’t afford proper materials and has lost her love of cooking, but cooking is the only thing she’s studied, so she can’t really do anything else. Her pies suck.
Me: Meanwhile, Remy had initially resisted Ego and refused to cook for him, but prolonged exposure to unsanitary and uncomfortable living conditions (with brief, tempting snatches of views inside Ego’s sumptuous kitchen) broke his will, and he finally conceded to cook for him. He is, after all, a chef at heart. He futilely dreams that perhaps his delicious cooking will soften Ego’s cruelty and Ego will speak up on Linguini’s behalf and get his prison term shortened. Ego never does.
Me: His life destroyed, Linguini seeks revenge…
Becky: Your brain scares me. ;)
Me: Man, Pixar will never hire me now. :D

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to two of my favouritest people in the whooooooooooole world, Chungy and Becky! Hope life treats you SWIMMINGLY!

Really, really, really wretched news: Renowned British author Terry Pratchett, creator of the Discworld series, has been diagnosed with a very rare form of early-onset Alzheimer’s. Details here.

*clutches copy of Men at Arms and tries (unsuccessfully) not to cry*